PARKS: Memories Heads To The Coast In New Exploration

January 26, 2022 by fcostin

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Are you ready to get your strategy on? One of my favourite matching-memory games is PARKS. Back in 2019, players were tasked to head out through the wonders of the US National Parks as trekkers visiting mountains and forests across all seasons.

Parks Memories - Keymaster Games

PARKS Memories: Coast To Coast // Keymaster Games

Keymaster Games is set to release the newest instalment to the PARKS franchise, with the upcoming title: PARKS Memories: Coast to Coast making its way to retail on February 9th 2022.

Continue on your exploration through the US National parks, as there are new areas to explore. Two players will lay out a grid across the table as they make their way down a nature-filled trail of all types of terrain. Whether you want to take the hike on your own or journey off head-to-head when collecting sets, the new abilities will allow players to progress in their journey across Hawaii, Indiana and many more.

Gameplay Preview - Parks - Memories

Gameplay Preview // Parks: Memories

The new locations added include Acadia, American Samoa, Biscayne, Channel Islands, Congaree, Crater Lake, Dry Tortugas, Everglades, Glacier Bay, Haleakala, Hawaii Volcanoes, Isle Royale, Indiana Dunes, Katmai, Kenai Fjords, Kings Canyon, Kobuk Valley, Lake Clark, Olympic, Redwood, Virgin Islands, and Voyageurs.

Parks is a title I love to play with younger gamers, as you can remove the ability aspect and journey through with pure matching and collecting. It is a ton of fun and certainly brings laugher and exploration to the tabletop - without having to venture into the wild yourself.

There are three different PARKS Memories titles out in the wild, so if you want to collect all three editions to have a scope of all US national parks, be sure to check out PARKS Memories: Plains Walker and PARKS Memories: Mountaineer to add to your adventures.

What do you think of the PARKS series from Keymaster Games? 

"Continue on your exploration through the US National parks, as there are new areas to explore..."

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