Pathfinder Arena Headed To Kickstarter This November!

October 18, 2021 by fcostin

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Way bac in March this year, Goichi Uniti and Paizo had announced their upcoming collaboration of putting Pathfinder Arena onto the tabletop.

Now, you may already know Pathfinder in a way of RPG, however, this board game brings dungeon crawling to its finest, Pathfinder: Arena is heading on to Kickstarter on November 23rd at 10AM (EST), for a brand new fantasy Pathfinder experience.

Pathfinder Arena Kickstarter Trailer // Paizo & Goichi Uniti

Do you have what it takes to withstand the arena? The heroes of Pathfinder are traversing deep into the catacombs, trapped within the four walls of the arena. This is no ordinary arena, the tiles beneath the feet of the hero move - placing players closer in the grasp of the monsters that dwell inside with hope to escape the destruction that lurks inside.

Pathfinder Arena - Image Two

 Gameplay // Pathfinder Arena

The arena can move? Underneath the miniature feet of the players, the arena underneath is certainly not your friend, however, it can work to your benefit. Players will make their way across the arena, taking down monsters, uncovering treasures and claiming glory points across the map.

Player Board // Pathfinder Arena

The levelling-up system is quite simple. Not a ton of maths to add up and decline before every encounter with a new monster, players can level themselves up by collecting tokens in-game. Enhancing the abilities of one of the uniquely distinctive heroes from the Pathfinder universe.

Players can pick up 18 different high-quality miniatures, as part of the core set of the game. And what's even better, is if you are a Pathfinder player and like to role-play rather than card draft, players can use these miniatures and characters which are compatible with the mainline of Pathfinder products.

If you do want to go all-in and love the sound of the concept in which the board game is headed, there will be three expansions available as part of the campaign along with a plethora of promised exclusive Kickstarter Stretch Goals. Plus, if you are there on Day 1 and back the campaign, those special players will be rewarded a young black dragon miniature just for heading over early.

The campaign will begin on November 23rd at 10 AM EST, so if you are a fan of the Pathfinder universe aware of the characters and monsters that dwell within the system, be sure to check out Pathfinder Arena.

What do you think of Pathfinder Arena? 

"This is no ordinary arena, the tiles beneath the feet of the hero move..."

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