Pet All Of The Doggos To Win In Hair Of The Dog Kickstarter

October 20, 2021 by fcostin

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Hair of the dog? Quite often this is the advice I would give when one of my friends was suffering from a nasty hangover due to some previous night's antics.

The upcoming board game, which is currently on Kickstarter, Hair of the Dog by Cherry Picked Games, sets a goal that I set out to complete on a day-to-day regardless. Encouraging players to take the helm of a dog-friendly pub, with the hope to reward the best doggos that pass through all the love and attention they deserve.

Hair of the Dog - Kickstarter Trailer // Cherry Picked Games

Running a pub is no easy feat, especially when there are perfect pooches running around, in search of love care and attention. Players will take the role behind the bar of a doggy-friendly establishment. 2-8 players will fight for the attention of the cute and furry whilst pulling pints and meeting conditions along the way.

"Free, did you know there was a board game that to be able to win, you will need to pet as many dogs as you can?". That sounds like a winning condition I can get on board with.

Hair of the Dog - Image One

Board Preview and Layout // Hair of the Dog

As players will be owners of The Hair of the Dog Pub, they do not have time to have their own pet to keep the customers merry. However, opening the pub to meet all the dogs that decide to pass by is of top priority.

During a turn, players will need to complete a series of actions to rake some points in. Alike real life, before approaching a pooch, players will be required to meet certain conditions before they can turn into mush and start the petting. However, these conditions are not displayed in front of you so easily. Using deduction, players must pay attention to see if their opponents are giving away the trick or they could have a strange and unusual chat with the owners!

Hair of the Dog - Image Three

Eight Player Game Example // Hair of the Dog

Implementing a balancing act between regular bar duties and telling a golden retriever that has just walked through the door that he is a good doggo - players must keep an eye on their opponents progress too. Ensuring that there is always a dog in one hand and a drink in the other to avoid passer-by shame and penalty.

The Kickstarter campaign now has 11 days left on the clock, now reaching past its initial goal and heading into stretch goals to unlock some canine goodies!

If you ever see me down the street and you have a dog. I apologise in advance for stopping both yourself and your dog. Need to rack some points up. 

"Implementing a balancing act between regular bar duties and telling a golden retriever that has just walked through the door that he is a good doggo..."

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