Peter Pan & Dracula Join The Funkoverse Roster!

January 27, 2022 by fcostin

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For those who enjoy getting POPs out on the table, Funko Games have now announced their upcoming additions to the wild world of Funkoverse. Bring Peter Pan and some spooky Universal Monsters to your tabletop to truly diversify the gameplay.

Disney Peter Pan - Funkoverse

Disney Peter Pan // Funkoverse

The second star on the right and straight on 'til morning, Peter Pan and the devious Captain Hook are joining the wild and wonderful battle. Heading to two new locations after you believe you can fly, of course. Going over to the Mermaid Lagoon or home of Captain Hook himself, The Jolly Rodger. With new abilities making way for each Funko exclusive in the box, players will be provided with a new way to play the game and take down opponents.  Utilising flying when taking the role of Peter, and sending out an onslaught of cannons from Captain Hook.

Universal Monsters - Funkoverse

Universal Monsters // Funkoverse

The second title to expand the Funkoverse truly excites me, ready for some classic monsters? Four monsters have been disturbed from their crypt to bring havoc and pain in their wake. Resurrecting Dracula, The Invisible Man, The Creature from the Black Lagoon and The Bride of Frankenstein for all-out chaos. Whether you want to utilise Dracula's blood-sucking abilities or abduct your foes as the Creature. There are many different variants to build when heading out to the fearsome Dracula's Castle and Dr. Frankenstein's Lab.

Funkoverse is a constantly expanding title, as players have a chance to create something wild when playing out scenarios. So if you wanted to combine your game of Harry Potter with Peter Pan, or send the classic Monsters into Isla Nublar to fare against some raptors, the new expansions will certainly allow that!

What is your favourite Funkoverse combo? 

"Bring Disney's Peter Pan and some spooky Universal Monsters to your tabletop to truly diversify the gameplay. "

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