Snap Pictures Of Rare Birds Of Paradise In Birdwatcher

October 21, 2021 by fcostin

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Taking pictures of the wildlife outside is something you will always find me doing. See a sunflower with bees on it? Take a picture. Squirrel on a bush? Take a picture. Magpie in the garden takes a picture. I have been Bill Oddy-ing just out of habit, and now with Birdwatcher on Kickstarter by Oni Games - I don't even have to leave the house before I snap a random bird on camera!

Birdwatcher - Image One

Box Art Prevew // Birdwatcher

In Birdwatcher, 2-4 players take the role of wildlife photographers ready to lure and take some incredible pictures of an array of birds of paradise.

Players will compete head to head to hunt down some very special birds out in the wild, whether it be the Arfak Astrapia or the Black Sicklebill. They will need to get out the appropriate lens, wait patiently, lure them down and set that image to publish.

Birdwatcher - Image Two

Birds of Paradise Card Preview // Birdwatcher

With the hope of winning the prestigious Global Geographic Photographer of the Year, players must perform a series of actions starting from luring birds of paradise down from trees, snapping photographs, and clearing the jungle and trees to prepare players to take new fancy pictures of some flamboyant looking birds.

After the images have been taken, players will need to keep a record in their journal. Presenting their research from left to right, each photo will prove beneficial to the end-game, as these images will rack up to points for the winner to achieve their price.

The Kickstarter campaign has four days left on the clock, smashing through their initial target with ease. With the lowest pledge sitting at £29, pledgers can get their hold on the Kickstarter Edition game and the unlocked stretch goals.

Do you think you have what it takes to win the Global Geographic Photographer of the Year award?

"They will need to get out the appropriate lens, wait patiently, lure them down and set that image to publish..."

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