Plastic Soldier Company Launches Quartermaster General: 1914 On Kickstarter

September 22, 2016 by stvitusdancern

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Plastic Soldier Company is ramping up the action again with a new Kickstarter for Quartermaster General: 1914.

With this being in the middle of the centennial anniversary of the First World War we are seeing more options for gaming in this era. Quartermaster General is a card driven Eurostyle strategy game that plays by the players deciding which cards to play to counter their opponents.

This game has a lot of resource  management and you must be able to plan ahead to determine how to support your own armies and navies while denying your opponent the same opportunities to take territory and resupply their own forces. You must outlast your opponents  in 17 rounds or totally dominate the battlefields of Europe.

This is not just a reskin of another game with a WWI theme, but the technology, military and social aspects of that time period are built into the gameplay to give you a realistic experience for that time. If you are a fan of solid strategy boardgames with a military theme, you definitely have to check this one out.

One other thing, this game is already in production and will have a quick turnaround time, you are helping them bring it to fruition and cover costs.

I will be backing this and looking forward to getting my hands on this. We got an opportunity to talk with the creator of Quartermaster General, Ian Brody at Gen Con this year and I kick myself for not picking up a copy of Quartermaster General.

Is this your kind of game?

"This is not just a reskin of another game with a WWI theme..."

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