PSC Games’ Battle Ravens Kickstarter Coming Soon

October 11, 2018 by brennon

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PSC Games' Battle Ravens is coming to Kickstarter very soon and if you're interested in this game of Viking warfare you can already check out their draft rulebook HERE.

Battle Ravens Kickstarter - PSC Games

Battle Ravens is a game of Viking Age warfare: a brutal clash of strength, cunning and luck, where subtlety and nuance are neither welcome nor commonplace. You need to out-think and out-fight your opponent to win the battle. You do so by choosing whether to command your battle line to attack, defend, or redeploy through clever use of action points. Combat is resolved by the roll of dice, and armies consist of Hirdmen (armoured warriors), Bondi (unarmoured warriors), and Thralls (cowardly but useful skirmishers).

The game sounds like it'll be a great way to play out these gruelling battles on the tabletop where you've got to fight for space as much as you have to crush your enemies.

Battle Ravens Cover - PSC Games

As mentioned above you can already check out the rulebook HERE so if you want to learn more about Battle Ravens before the Kickstarter launches you can check it out and become a proper Warlord.

Will you be checking this out?

"As mentioned above you can already check out the rulebook HERE..."

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