PSC Games Launch New Prison Architect Board Game Kickstarter

May 19, 2021 by brennon

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PSC Games has now launched their new Prison Architect: Cardboard County Penitentiary board game on Kickstarter where you get to set up and run your own prison. Will you be able to balance the needs of the inmates with the rising costs and escape attempts?!

Prison Architect Cardboard County Penitentiary - PSC Games

Prison Architect: Cardboard County Penitentiary // PSC Games

In this game, based on the hit PC strategy game from Paradox, you will take on the role of a Warden in either solo games or with up to three other players. During each turn of the game, you will bid on different sections of the prison that you can add to your penitentiary plus staff and policies that you can enact throughout the facility.

Your job is to place these tiles in such a way that you maximise the effectiveness of your prison whilst also meeting the needs of the inmates who arrive! Do you want to add high-risk prisoners into your facility who may end up trying to escape or causing a scuffle? Do you go with low-security inmates and try to take a different route towards rehabilitation?

Whichever route you take, you're going to have to meet the stringent standards of the prison board if you want to score maximum points. This means making sure that you guide prisoners through to rehabilitation whilst also making sure that those who are in for the long haul get the resources they need. It's going to be a fine balancing act!

Prison Architect | Playthrough // kovray

If all of this sounds like it could be a fun puzzle then I recommend you check out the Playthrough of the game above and also their Rulebook which is up for download right now. It should also be noted that the design team have worked to offer up an experience that is fun but also looks at the issues of prisons and the role they play in their society. If it gets people thinking about the issue then that's only a good thing.

Pledge Options & More

So, if you're interested in the game then you might want to check out the pledge options and what's contained within the box!

Prison Architect CCP Contents - PSC Games

Prison Architect: Cardboard County Penitentiary Contents // PSC Games

There are a few options for diving in and picking up the game. Each of which adds in some alternative expansions if you're looking to dive in and go beyond the core box which is cool. I would say that this comes in at a pretty good price tag!

Prison Architect CCP Pledges - PSC Games

Prison Architect: Cardboard County Penitentiary Pledges // PSC Games

If you're really into this kind of strategy game and/or you liked the PC game then I could see folks going in for this one. I am certainly intrigued by what the game has to offer and I think it could be interesting mixing together those bidding mechanics with the puzzle of tile-laying games. There is something to be said about the replay value of games like this where there are many different routes to victory.

Beyond the core pledges, we also have the Stretch Goals which you can see below. It seems neat that the first one is to focus on making some nice looking components! Got to love a nice meeple!

Prison Architect CCP Stretch Goals - PSC Games

Prison Architect: Cardboard County Penitentiary Stretch Goals // PSC Games

If you're interested in Prison Architect: Cardboard County Penitentiary then it would be neat to hear what you think about the rules and such in the comments down below. Are you a fan of tile-laying games and those with bidding mechanics?

Drop your thoughts below!

"Are you a fan of tile-laying games and those with bidding mechanics?"

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