Towering Questing Knights & Battle With Eavy Bommers Soon

October 21, 2019 by brennon

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Games Workshop continues to build on both Adeptus Titanicus and Aeronautica Imperialis this coming weekend with a new set of pre-orders. Taking to the front line we have the new Questoris Knight set which will come with a bunch of upgrades for you to tinker with.

Questoris Knights Upgrades - Adeptus Titanicus

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The new Questoris Knights Upgrade kit will be available separately and comes with Stormspear Rocket Pods, Melta Guns, Thunderstrike Gauntlets and a few alternate heads so that you can properly customise your force. It will also be included with the bigger box that you see behind it which also comes with three Knights which you can use as a basis for your force.

Having more options for you to play with in Adeptus Titanicus seems like a good idea, especially for those looking to create authentic forces which fit the time period and background. Alongside the new terrain from Forge World last week this seems like a good time to get into this city-stomping game.

Flying High

As well as the new options on the ground the Orks are going to be heading into the skies with their new Eavy Bommers set for Aeronautica Imperialis.

Eavy Bommers - Aeronautica Imperialis

This set comes with two models which are a little bit larger than your regular Ork planes. Kept in the sky pretty much by sheer force of will, these planes will be blanketing the battlefield in explosions as they unleash their deadly cargo.

Eavy Bommers Models - Aeronautica Imperialis

Lots of options for conversion are included in the kit and you could have a bit of fun tinkering around and boshing together elements from other Ork kits if you felt like it too. I do hope that we start to see something come together which allows the worlds of Aeronautica and Adeptus Titanics to be played out on the same table.

Are you still playing these two more specialised games?

"Are you still playing these two more specialised games?"

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