Return To Red Dragon Inn For New Kickstarter Dungeon Crawler

October 22, 2021 by fcostin

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Resting up in the tavern with a pint in hand after a tough day of slaying baddies is a given for any character that resides in a fantastical universe. Heart and home to many a whimsical creature, the tavern brings joy and a multitude of sidequests. Working as a hotspot for loose-lipped travellers and heroes in search of their next journey.

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Tales from the Red Dragon Inn // SlugFest Games

Set in the universe of the Red Dragon Inn, 1-4 players flock to the tavern to enlist themselves into adventure after adventure, with a new dungeon-crawling experience on Kickstarter with Tales from the Red Dragon Inn.

Players will get a choice to set off on their adventure as one of six different heroes all with specific abilities to help gauge and overcome the puzzle unfolding ahead.

It is never easy being a hero, the expectations that must fall upon their shoulders! It must be hard for them to even sit down and grab a drink. Whilst these heroes are being shunned from their meals, there are monsters to be taken down, damsels in distress that need saving, dungeons that need crawling and lots of objectives to hit along the way.

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Gameplay Preview // Tales from the Red Dragon Inn

Tales from the Red Dragon Inn puts players head-to-head with a bunch of baddies that are controlled by the game system as they make their way through the multi-scenario campaign. As each scenario unfolds, players will head into a new map with different challenges to face and puzzles to decrypt.

It isn't just getting to the end of the scenario which will allow you to win. There are a bunch of objectives you will need to hit to live up to the full reputation of being a hero. Whilst collaborating with the other heroes on the team, you must work together to ensure that the mission is done to a hero's standard. If not, the enemy will meet their own objectives before you know what has hit you - and a heroes death that shall be for you!

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Hero Cards & Abilities // Tales from the Red Dragon Inn

Along with wandering through dungeons and saving the day, your heroes can level up too! As players journey through each scenario, they will have access to evolving ability cards as each hero grows with the development of the game. Allowing players to have a choice over their abilities and grow before approaching a tough mission. Plus access to the armoury and items will certainly stop you from feeling a little squishy!

Being funded way past the initial target, Tales from the Red Dragon Inn has eight days left on the clock unlocking stretch goals at an alarming rate with new miniatures being added to the game.

What is your favourite tabletop tavern?

"As each scenario unfolds, players will head into a new map with different challenges to face and puzzles to decrypt..."

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