Restoration & Mondo Bring Marvel To Their Unmatched Series

December 16, 2020 by brennon

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Restoration Games and Mondo Games who co-publish the Unmatched series of board games have announced that they are going to be releasing a set of Marvel-based sets which introduces both heroes and villains from this comic book world.

Unmatched Hells Kitchen - Restoration Games

Unmatched: Hell's Kitchen // Restoration Games

For those who are unaware of the Unmatched series, they are a selection of board games where two players battle it out in essentially a miniatures-based fighting game. There are a lot of Unmatched games available right now featuring characters like Beowolf, Red Riding Hood, Bigfoot, Robin Hood and many more. All of these sets can be combined together as well so you can have the likes of Daredevil going up against Sinbad!

The new set of releases are going to be focusing in on the clashes between the heroes and villains of the Marvel universe. The set above, Hell's Kitchen, comes with Daredevil, Elektra and Bullseye. Redemption Row introduces a bunch of fun characters too.

Unmatched Redemption Row - Restoration Games

Unmatched: Redemption Row // Restoration Games

Here we've got Luke Cage, Ghost Rider and Moon Knight getting stuck in and fighting to see who's the best. This is just like playing out what you'd argue about in the playground or as a grown-up child in the pub. Who would win in a fight? Well, you can find out now.

Future sets which are also on the cards include Teen Spirit which introduces Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl and also the combined forces of Cloak & Dagger. You've also got For King & Country which drops Black Widow, Black Panther (Wakanda Forever) and Winter Soldier into the fighting.

This seems like one of those no-brainer ideas from the folks at Mondo and Restoration. Unmatched is a proven series which is a lot of fun for folks and once you include fan favourite Marvel characters into the mix you are going to get a lot more people playing your game.

Have you played Unmatched yet?

"This seems like one of those no-brainer ideas from the folks at Mondo and Restoration..."

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