Riddler Goons & Doctor Death Pop Up In Monolith’s Batman Previews

September 25, 2017 by brennon

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Monolith has shown off some more previews of what lies ahead for their Batman Board Game. This time the focus is on some more goons for The Riddler...

Riddler Goon #1

While The Riddler himself might be a bit of a weed that doesn't mean his bodyguards and goons have to be. These fellows look like they could give Batman a run for his money in a fist fight but just in case they've brought some guns with them too.

Riddler Goon #2

I think they've gone to a lot of trouble with the details on these models and hopefully, that transfers over into the final product. In particular, I think the guns have come out very nicely with lots of attention to detail around the chamber.

When the guns don't work, don't worry - just get stuck in with the beating stick!

Riddler Goon #3

The models are looking great for the game already and it has real promise to turn into another big Kickstarter success. We also got a look at the rather more fantastical Doctor Death!

Stalking Doctor Death

This fellow was one of the early villains from the era of Detective Comics and is now back to stalk the streets of Gotham.

Doctor Death #1

He seems like one of those villains that Batman should employ his reasoning and tactical thinking skills towards defeating I'd say. I wouldn't want to be facing off against him in a dark alley.

Doctor Death #2

The pantheon of villains for Batman is vast, and it will be interesting to see who the Monolith team pull together for their project going forward.

What do you think of these new villain previews?

"When the guns don't work, don't worry - just get stuck in with the beating stick!"

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