Rivet Wars Returns Reloaded At Steamforged This September

August 17, 2022 by fcostin

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Back in July, Steamforged Games announced that they will be acquiring the IP for CMON's Dieselpunk miniatures-based board game, Rivet Wars. Engaging 'Operation: Kickstarter' bringing an all-new reboot, taking all of the best from the original title and upgrading with new components, a steaming new look, and a haul of new content.


Rivet Wars Reloaded Campaign Announcement // Steamforged Games

Calling fans of the franchise and new players, the next Steamforged crowdfunding campaign has been announced, Rivet Wars: Reloaded will be coming to Kickstarter in September. Bringing a whole new lease of life to the 2014 Rivet Wars.

Taking on opposing sides within the world of Rivet. Players are teleported into an industrialised alternate reality within the First World War. The world has evolved in the way of the machine, flexing unique mechanical weaponry; two players will be in the midst of the Rivet Wars commanding a side for success.

Rivet Wars Reloaded - Steamforged Games

Rivet Wars: Reloaded // Steamforged Games

Steamforged Games have said that they have truly taken the best of the original and evolved and grew the concept. There are 11 refined miniatures incoming with a whole new look for a modern audience. The mechanics of the game have been updated, incorporating tiles and bringing all-new scenarios and the addition of a solo mode against the in-game AI.

Alongside the fresh bulk of the content, the original factions, the Allies and the Blight are set to be making a triumphant return, alongside a new opponent - the Nemoans as a Kickstarter Exclusive. Described as a "morally grey" faction flexing abnormal and wild tactics, originating from under the surface deeper to the core of the earth.

Nemoans Kickstarter Exclusive Faction - Rivet Wars

Nemoans Kickstarter Exclusive Faction // Rivet Wars

Some units will have updated stat cards in the box, and some units have stayed the same. The miniatures are also backwards compatible if you want to dig out your old box. Although there is not much information regarding the overarching gameplay of the fresh reboot, more information on the upcoming return, including comic strips and Hero Plugs - be sure to head over to Steamforged's campaign announcement here.

The campaign will be going live over on Kickstarter on September 6tth, but if you want to keep yourself updated be sure to sign up to the preview page on Kickstarter to ensure you are looped in from the get-go.

Are you keen on seeing the return and reboot of Rivet Wars? 

"The Allies and the Blight are set to be making a triumphant return, alongside a new opponent - the Nemoans as a Kickstarter Exclusive..."

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