Root: The Marauder Expansion Heading To Retail Q3

February 18, 2022 by fcostin

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Root by Leder Games is a constant return to my tabletop at home. Anthropomorphic animals battle for control over the wilderness, in a game of adventure across sieging factions taking land. 2-4 players must take root in their homestead fighting for their surroundings and achieving objectives towards victory.

Root - Marauder Expansion

Root: The Marauder Expansion // Leder Games

I have tapped into all of the expansions so far, and they have been an absolute blast! Adding new scenarios and factions in the Riverfolk expansion plus upping the player count and adding solo mode. The Underworld Expansion, providing new burrowed maps underground and a secretive faction which is certainly popular at my table! And The Clockwork Expansion, providing a change up to battle with an expanded route to combat and cooperative takedowns.

Each Root expansion has done exactly what I want from a game. It expands the world in which I am spending more time in. Last year, Root went to Kickstarter with The Marauder Expansion. Now we are approaching the exciting release for Root to grow once more as it heads into retail, adding two new factions and brand new gameplay options to the growing title.

New Factions - Root The Marauder Expansion

New Factions // Root: The Marauder Expansion

The two factions being added to the game are the Lord of the Hundreds and The Keepers In Iron. The Lords of the Hundreds are strong and confident warriors keen on dominating the land. Ready to torch the wilderness in the sake of noble righteousness. The Keepers In Iron are alien to the woodland lifestyle, approaching with peace and hoping to form alliances - they're coated in armour to keep the agressors at bay.

Along with the new factions, Hirelings have been added to the game which will add more drama and conflict to the table. They benefit low player count games, adding new combinations to power and added strategy to calculate. Plus adding a new set-up draft system.

The new Marauder Expansion is set to hit retail in Q3 of this year, so if you are keen on keeping smaller games of Root (I tend to enjoy a 2-player experience), then this will fit in seamlessly for those who enjoy mistrusting a smaller number of players.

Do you enjoy a game of Root? 

"This will fit in seamlessly for those who enjoy mistrusting a smaller number of players..."

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