Rule Over A Wasteland In Tsukuyumi – Full Moon Down

March 22, 2019 by cassn

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In the future, the Moon has come crashing into the Earth's surface causing unimaginable chaos and devastation, destroying most of mankind and mutating many of Earth's other species. Now, in this new dystopia, only one faction will rise as the most powerful and take their rightful place at the centre of the Moon, ruling with an iron fist!


Tsukuyumi - Full Moon Down is an asymmetrical deep strategy game with an Asian sci-fi theme! With different asymmetric factions to choose from, Tsukuyumi - Full Moon Down is a game with high variability and replayability.


Players can take on the two-person story mode, or incorporate the expansion in a six-sided battle royale for world domination.


Tsukuyumi - Full Moon Down comes with a range of scenarios with customized maps and special rules, but players can also use the tile system to design their own unique map!


The modular hex-based board has more than 40 tiles to choose from to shape your battle terrain, and there are a wealth of factions to choose from in both the standard and deluxe pledge options!


Tsukuyumi - Full Moon Down is fully funded and currently unlocking some interesting stretch goals, so head on over to the Kickstarter now for more information!

What faction would you choose for Tsukuyumi - Full Moon Down? Comment Below!

"A battle royale for world domination!"

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