Rule The Realms In Animal Kingdom Now On Kickstarter

January 11, 2019 by cassn

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In Animal Kingdoms, each player is the ruler of a noble house attempting to gain total control of the five kingdoms. Luckily, the beasts of the land have pledged their allegiance to your faction, and now you must distribute them across the five territories in order to claim the realm as your own!


Over three ages, you must deploy your animal friends to one of the five areas, ensuring that each animal meets the degree (rule set) of that kingdom. Each time an animal successfully joins a kingdom, you gain influence in that land. The house which gains the most influence at the end of the third age is declared the ruler of the realm!


Animal Kingdoms also has expansive replayability options through changeable elements which ensure the game is different every time it is played. There are over 30 decrees for kingdoms, and point values for each kingdom are randomly selected on each turn, ensuring a varied experience with each new game.


Animal Kingdoms is an interesting worker placement game with stunning artwork by Katy Grierson. It's already smashed through its original Kickstarter target and, with three weeks until the campaign finishes, I imagine most of the stretch goals will be reached as well. You can check out the gameplay and back the project here.

If you could have any animal as a pet, what would you own?

"Stunning artwork by Katy Grierson!"

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