Save The Turtles From An Oil Rig Disaster in The Spill

September 9, 2021 by fcostin

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Each time I go to the beach, I always pick up plastic straws and bottles to save the turtles. Yes, half the time I am at a beach with no turtles even anywhere near the atmosphere - but, it does not stop me from doing good and removing plastic from the ocean.

An offshore rig has blown, and fortunately, it is on the internet! And there are lots of titles and animals in the water that need saving, in The Spill by Smirk & Dagger Games.

The Spill - Image One

The Spill // Smirk & Dagger Games

Will you be able to help stop the spread of crude oil in the ocean? In a completely cooperative experience, 1-4 players will work around a very interesting dice tower in the shape of an oil rig. Once every so often oil will drop from the rig into the spaces on the board.

"The game is a reverse tower defence game, as players sail the perimeter trying to push back and contain the oil, remove dice from the water and save the sea life."

Each player will collaborate in using their own individual talents to stop the spread ruining the ocean. Whilst working together, they will race against the clock to save a set of 6 marine creatures in peril.

There are several goals players will need to keep an eye on throughout the game. Containing the oil flowing from the rig, removing the oil from the water and rescuing are the main purposes of the game. And you can be the next ecowarrior to help the ecosystem from becoming damaged.

The Spill - Image Two

Game Board Preview // The Spill

Along with the outpour of oil into the ocean, players will need to roll weather dice which will have effects on the movement of the player. It may however work in the benefit, but, everybody knows that a storm on the ocean is never a winner.

Once players have accomplished their goals and objectives on the cards they were provided at the start of the game, they are a winner, the animals are safe and you can keep at doing your good deeds!

The Kickstarter campaign is now live, and is voted one of Kickstarter's 'Top Picks'. It has 15 days left on the clock, so if you are up for some saving the turtles from an oceanic disaster, be sure to check out the campaign.

What do you think of this game concept?

"Each player will collaborate in using their own individual talents to stop the spread ruining the ocean..."

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