Seven Days To Secretly Escape The Zoo In KuZooKa

June 23, 2022 by fcostin

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Zoos as a kid are the reason I became fascinated by animals, however, the more I became fascinated by animals - began to hate zoos! Animals being bored, small enclosures! The likes of safari parks that have wide-open spaces fighting for conservation are more up my street when I want to get up and close to the big incredible creatures here in the UK.

As somebody who loves animals and hates small confined zoos, I felt attracted to the upcoming game KuZooKa from Pegasus Spiele. As players take the role of animals, conspiring and scheming to escape the confines of the zoo in secret.

KuZooKa - Pegasus Spiele

KuZooKa // Pegasus Spiele

The animals have decided. They have had enough, they have planned to get out over the next seven days to be liberated from humanity. But first, they must devise a plan working together to dumpster dive the customer's left-overs, and utilise useful items in their hopes to escape.

Heading down a pathway of colours and numbers, players will be working together to make their way to the exit doors of the zoo. Each taking role of one of the animals, holding on to an animal card - they will have access to special powers to flex once per turn to ease their escape in secret.

Back Of The Box - KuZooKa

Back Of The Box // KuZooKa

Players will be hoarding cards per round, allowing them to progress further by placing tokens depending on what they have just been dealt. By the sixth round, players should be looking at their final space on the track, having the appropriate matching cards of colour. However, if players do not make it by the seventh round being the seventh day - they will lose and be forever trapped in the zoo! Well... until they attempt to escape again!

KuZooKa is set to be released on the 31st of July, with a really low age to join in too! Pitched at ages 8+ with minimal mechanics, low component count, colour coordination, and damn right monkey business. The game can take anywhere between 30-45 minutes to play with 2-6 animals around the table.

Think you have what it takes to escape the zoo? 

"Heading down a pathway of colours and numbers, players will be working together to make their way to the exit doors of the zoo..."

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