Take Shadowed Paths With A New Lord Of The Rings Adventure

January 29, 2020 by brennon

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A new expansion is on the way from Fantasy Flight Games for their adventure board game, The Lord Of The Rings: Journeys In Middle-earth. This time around your adventures are going to take you down into the depths of Moria and The Misty Mountains in Shadowed Paths.

Shadowed Paths Expansion - FFG

This new quest brings a number of new characters into the mix for you to play as and an all-new campaign which features thirteen scenarios. New enemies will also find their way into the mix as you tackle creatures and more than dwell in the darkness, ready to snatch you away so you're never seen again.

Shadowed Paths Spread - FFG

It seems fitting then that the quest from Shadowed Paths has you facing many forks in the road. As you wind your way through the paths of Mirkwood and then into Moria you'll have to make decisions and decide which direction your fellowship will go. All of this will then lead to interesting encounters down the road as you find yourself fated to avoid or meet certain threats down in the darkness.

One of the new mechanics in the game is Corruption. Unlike Fear from the original game, Corruption stays with your heroes and influences everything they do. It can cause certain events to trigger from the app and you might even find yourself falling to shadow if you're not careful.

In terms of the heroes in the game, you will have access to Balin, Dis (mother of Fili & Kili and sister to Thorin Oakenshield), Arwen, Eleanor (from the living card game) and finally, Gandalf The Grey.

Shadowed Paths Models - FFG

Each of these heroes brings a new level of depth and strategy to the game experience and it's fun to see the wise and wandering Gandalf in the mix too. I wonder if they are going to put a mechanic in the game whereby he simply wanders off and leaves the rest of the party to their own devices for a couple of days?

What do you make of this new expansion for the game?

"...it's fun to see the wise and wandering Gandalf in the mix too"

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