Red Beam Designs Show Off New Shadespire Tournament Box

November 20, 2017 by brennon

Red Beam Designs have come up with some neat accessories which might be suitable for those of you playing Shadespire right now from Games Workshop. Here we have their new Tournament Box...

Red Beam Designs - Shadespire Tournament Box #1

It comes with space for all of your tokens, cards and even a place to put the models in between your games (and when they die!) The top of the box also becomes a rolling tray for your dice which is a neat addition.

Read Beam Designs - Shadespire Tournament Box #2

The box itself comes unpainted but I reckon if you went at this with some black spray and then painted or used stencils to get a design on it you'd have a rather swish looking box for your games. As you can see below the game box uses those round wooden inserts allowing you to change the spaces for your models to sit snugly.

Red Beam Designs - Shadespire Tournament Box #3

Of course, when transporting them you're still going to need a different bag but you can get foam and all sorts for that.

You can also pick up their Character Board too.

Read Beam Designs - Shadespire Character Board

This condenses down the amount of space you're taking up on the table when playing the game. I like the overall look of it and if it was painted to look like stone I think it would be awesome. I'm not so much of a fan of the way the Upgrade Cardholder works as it's hard for your opponent to see what you have.

You could just turn them round to show them, but it's not as immediately viewable. If you like the look of the tokens they have here, they are also available for you to snap up HERE.

What do you think of this new kit?

"The top of the box also becomes a rolling tray for your dice which is a neat addition..."

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