Space Battle In A Real-Time Frenzy In Star Fighters: Rapid Fire

November 9, 2021 by fcostin

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Since UKGE, I have had a particular title on my mind. When the OTT were over in Birmingham for the event, there was a game in prototype stages over at the Alley Cat Games booth. Star Fighters: Rapid Fire was moulding its way into the next stages of production - taking feedback before starting its journey on Kickstarter.

Star Fighters: Rapid Fire Kickstarter // Alley Cat Games

Now, the Star Fighters: Rapid Fire Kickstarter Campaign is live, as players prep to head off into the depths of space as expert pilots, battling their way through tactical combat in honour of their civilisations.

Starfighters - Image One

Game Layout // Star Fighters: Rapid Fire

2-4 players will take on the role of a different Space Fighter, with different abilities for them to utilise. However, this free-for-all packs quite a punch. As opponents will be hoping to batter down your external forcefields and send you torpedoed into the distance. Combining real-time dice placement with consideration and strategy to result in an all-out sci-fi dogfight.

The game does not have to be played out as a free-for-all though. Players can engage in solo play, and teams as the game do support up to 4 players as part of the skirmish.

Star Fighters - Characters

Game Art // Star Fighters: Rapid Fire

You must be prepared to move quickly! Acting in real-time, the game can play through in roughly 30 minutes which means a complete frenzy for those who are playing. The game is pitched at 10+ so you are welcome to combine a well-rehearsed strategist hobbyist against a 10-year-old board gamer, both of which will be acting in panic!

There are plenty of pledges to tap into - whether you are looking for a limited edition or a deluxe and all social goals have been unlocked! With 22 days still left to go and already funded, there's plenty of tactical space combat to go around!

Do you think you could handle a free-for-all in Star Fighters: Rapid Fire?

"2-4 players will take on the role of a different Space Fighter, with different abilities for them to utilise..."

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