Star Fighters: Rapid Fire Combines Real-Time & Dice-Throwing for A Frenzy!

October 6, 2021 by fcostin

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Back when the OTT went and visited merry 'ol Birmingham, Alley Cat Games was forefront as those shutters opened to let hungry con-goers dive into their favourite tabletop titles.

When talking to Alley Cat, many an attendee was provided with a very lucky opportunity. Available to playtest in prototype stage, Star Fighters: Rapid Fire was ready to get stuck into, and taking that feedback in mind - it is now time for the game to be released on Kickstarter and join the rest of the Alley Cat catalogue on the shelves.


Game Box & Components // Star Fighters: Rapid Fire

2-4 players will head off into a space adventure, taking strategy to mind players must work with real-time mechanics in a frenzy of dice rolling and space battling.

pitched at ages 10+, the whole family can get involved in some fun and exciting sci-fi themed enjoyment as players will set off into a not-so-distant future, where planetary disputes are solved in the arena with Champion Star Fighters.


Game Art // Star Fighters: Rapid Fire

Combining system management and dice-rolling with the real-time element can cause a lot of panic and mistakes! And that is certainly the last thing you want when undergoing a space battle! Players can pick their ship to their playstyle, cause finesse with takedowns and simply have a lot of fun along the way.

The Star Fighters: Rapid Fire Kickstarter will be at some point in November and can anticipate due to how excited people were to have it out on the tabletop at UKGE, this will be a successful campaign.

What is your favourite board game to play in real-time? They always make me so nervous! 

"Combining system management and dice-rolling with the real-time element can cause a lot of panic and mistakes!"

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