Steamforged Announce Open-World Kickstarter For RE1 Board Game

October 4, 2021 by fcostin

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Resident Evil: The Board Game was recently announced by Steamforged Games, and what better time to bring the first of the series than during the 25th Anniversary of the first instalment and in the spooky month of Halloween.

Although players have been immersed previously in the world of Resident Evil, with the prior release of Resident Evil 3: The Board Game and Resident Evil 2: The Board Game, the first and one of the most iconic titles of the franchise is heading over to Kickstarter, and Steamforged Games have promised a new campaign feature, as an “Open-World Kickstarter”.

RE1 TBG - Image One

Resident Evil Kickstarter Edition // Steamforged Games

Now, like me, you are probably wondering, what in the world consists of an “Open-World Kickstarter”? Well, CMON is taking a very different path with this special campaign, adding exploration to the infamous Spencer Mansion.

How might you explore the Spencer Mansion via Kickstarter? Alike most campaigns, players will have access to a number of stretch goals. However, in this Kickstarter, these stretch goals will not be unlocked via breaking through funding levels. Players will be encouraged to explore areas of the mansion, with clues to learn the game universe and uncover stretch goals through encounters.

As soon as that Kickstarter goes live, players will be provided with a piece of the story that will have Resident Evil fans grinning ear to ear.

RE1 TBG - Image Two

Kickstarter Campaign Note Example // Resident Evil: The Board Game

“You’ll be given a choice to vote on. Will you investigate the dining room? Or perhaps head straight upstairs, following the footsteps you heard overhead?

The next day, the most popular choice will be revealed and we’ll head in that direction — and whatever we encounter there, be it enemies or missing S.T.A.R.S. members, will be added to your pledge as a stretch goal!”

Uncovering a more interactive way of running a Kickstarter campaign, Steamforged Games have provided an incentive for their backers to keep tuning in every day to determine the Kickstarter exclusive goodies. Paving the way for the game and the industry, unlocking new gameplay content for the upcoming release.

RE1 TBG - Image Three

Jill Valentine Miniature // Resident Evil: The Board Game

Provided a “who will you save?” decision, players will encounter the franchises most renowned characters. Whether you are looking to save Jill Valentine or pull Albert Wesker out of the fire, the real immersive theme of the campaign truly feels as if you have forged the path of the future of the game.

Crowdfunding platforms are popping up like daisies! But, many a publisher and manufacturer are finding new and unique ways to showcase their newest product. What better way to immerse tabletop gamers into the Resident Evil Franchise than by practically building an easter-egg themed game to play whilst the campaign is ongoing.

The concept is very smart, very ambitious and I am certainly looking forward to the clues and narrative from one of my favourite video games franchises.

What do you think of this Kickstarter campaign idea?

"Players will be encouraged to explore areas of the mansion, with clues to learn the game universe and uncover stretch goals through encounters."

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