Steamforged’s’ First Major Reveal For RuneScape Board Game!

April 21, 2022 by fcostin

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Steamforged Games and Jagex have announced more details surrounding the upcoming RuneScape tabletop title. Brining an extension of Gielinor to our tables, for Veteran 'Scapers and Noobs alike!

Logo Announcement - Runescape Kingdoms

Logo Reveal // RuneScape Kingdoms

Runescape Kingdoms the board game is heading over to Kickstarter, with more details announced from both RuneScape Official and Steamforged, we have got a cheeky tease and insight to what we have coming, as the 21-year old adventure RPG begins movement towards achieving tabletop glory in RuneScape Kingdoms: Shadow of Elvarg.

We can expect a RuneScape-World extended, heading to the Kingdoms of Asgarnia and Misthalin as adventures await, 1-6 plyers can carve a path of endless possibilities.

The title is a cooperative campaign board game, although you can dip in solo if you are keen on the extra challenge. Or you simply just want to spend your day not fighting and perfecting an anchovy pizza recipe.

The board game is indeed flexible. There may be a campaign in place - in a triumphant quest to take down iconic big bads and bosses, however, like the video game counterpart getting distracted by other means is certainly on the table. If you want to undergo side-quest after side-quest for some cheeky experience, abilities and useful items to aid you on your endeavours - you sure can.

The capes are there to grab for those proficient enough to grab them!

Miniature Reveal - Steamforged Jagex

Miniature Reveal // Steamforged Games & Jagex

It would not be a Steamforged board game title without the addition of a few miniatures. The first three were revealed taking a look at two heroes, and a peak at one of the adversaries who is known to anybody who aspires to wear Rune Plate.

Wizard Preview - Runescape Kingdoms

Wizard Preview // RuneScape Kingdoms

The first two playable heroes we see are Knight and Wizard. Echoing how a normal player would start the game, taking away any emphasis on stats, players all start the same. They will be born into these worlds as a blank slate adventurer willing to make a change by questing, taking down monsters and focussing on the skills they want to improve.

Knight Preview - Runescape Kingdoms

Knight Preview // RuneScape Kingdoms

Basically, all you should see these two playable heroes as - as simply a change of wardrobe. You are free to craft whatever what you want - regardless of your 'avatar'. Similar to the video game, players will be matching equipment and attire to the task at hand!

Alongside the first two playable heroes teased, we are introduced to Elvarg the Green Dragon. Renown for making people wander aimlessly around the map, to achieve a simple piece of armour. At some point - this swanky armour was the best free-to-play armour you could get hold of (before you could throw money at a problem). A boss which all characters would have come up against, in a players' first real boss battle.

Elvarg Preview - Runescape Kingdoms

Elvarg Preview // RuneScape Kingdoms

RuneScape Kingdoms will be heading over to Kickstarter this year, although there hasn't been a date nailed down for the campaign. But according to Jagex, Steamforged will be releasing more information on their blog page during the lead-up, including a Tutorial-Island-style tour of the game.

I am really quite excited about the concept, it seems that players of Runescape will certainly find the playstyle familiar but on a different medium! Providing a new way to play RuneScape with both Steamforged and Jagex developing the board game title. Considering the title is called "Kingdoms" I can expect us to be seeing more of Gielenor on the tabletop in the future.

Are you intrigued by RuneScape Kingdoms: Shadow of Elvarg?

"The capes are there to grab for those proficient enough to grab them! "

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