Steamforged Games Preview Devil May Cry Hero Sculpts

April 23, 2019 by brennon

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Steamforged Games has now previewed the heroes that will be coming to their Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace board game Kickstarter. Check out Dante, Nero and the rest...

Dante - Steamforged Games

Dante if the first of the characters that we're taking a look at, armed with his classic pistol and sword combination. I think they've done a great job on this iteration of Dante, making him look very similar to the video game version. I would imagine that Steamforged Games are going to release many different versions of him on Kickstarter with his insane array of weapons.

Next up we have Nero!

Nero - Steamforged Games

Nero in the newest game comes with a prosthetic arm which is loaded full of different options for defeating your foes. I could again imagine a few different styles of sculpt for Nero fans to enjoy. Also, how cool is it going to be to paint this range?!

I really hope that Steamforged Games are able to solve some of the problems they have been facing with getting a lot of their campaigns finished. Hopefully, folks can enjoy this sooner rather than later once the Kickstarter ends.

Next up we're looking at Trish who gives you another interesting take on combat in the game and then...

Trish - Steamforged Games

...the newest character who is ready to join the mix, V.

V - Steamforged Games

Compared to the balletic combat of the other characters V very much takes a backseat, letting his creatures go forth and engage his foes. I hope that we're going to get a lot of that asymmetrical style coming across in gameplay so that everyone has different routes to victory on the tabletop.

"Which of the main characters will you choose?"

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