Survive Until Dawn Hunted By Hungry Drop Bears!

June 29, 2022 by fcostin

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What do you think the scariest animal is in Australia? The snakes? Spiders? Huge red kangaroo? Hungry great white? Or maybe you are like me and wouldn't stand down against any of the above - unless approached by an emu...

No beast is more terrifying than the Drop Bear. Lurking amongst the canopies, waiting for a cuddle with teeth and claws. There's no need for a sigh of relief just yet. If you enjoy being scared out of your pants, and feel brave enough for a casual stroll through the Australian Bush, Drop Bears by Platypus Industries is now on Kickstarter.

Drop Bears Preview // Platypus Industries

Part of the Survival Series, Chapter One brings the fear of god into any hippie, city slicker, nomad or student willing to take a stroll towards the clutches of the koala-like creature. 1-4 players will be filled with the fear of God, with hopes to survive until dawn to avoid being picked off by the terrorising drop bears.

The game is cooperative-driven, and although players can die by getting picked off by a devious terror teddy - there is no downtime to sit and twiddle thumbs! They will be back in the game as a new camper aiming to survive a terrifying onslaught of twisted Koalas looking to wound and snack on the wandering prey. If too many campers die, players will lose the game providing a win to the drop bears.

Gameplay Preview - Drop Bears

Gameplay Preview // Drop Bears

Players will be riddled with crippling fear, running to a path unknown and laying a new tile to escape the clutches of hungry but cute mammals in darkness. Running into trouble after trouble with snakes and spiders, each player will be attempting to escape from the hunt that becomes more and more taunting as the night unfolds.

Think Dead After Daylight, but on the Australian Bush. Searching for tools and items to help survive the attack, players will endure hacks, scrapes and nicks and will need to be constantly on the move to avoid being snapped up and snacked up.

Drop Bears Miniatures - Drop Bears

Drop Bears Miniatures // Drop Bears

I do really love the concept of Drop Bears within a survival arena. It's wonderful to have the themes of horror throughout, whilst being chased across a dark and dangerous map by seemingly cute mammals. This game is titled 'Chapter One' of the survival series. I wonder what we would witness next? Australia is certainly a playground for dangerous creatures.

The campaign has not been funded just yet, however, still has 20 days on the clock. Whether you want to print and play at home, or swag yourself a core set - there's a drop bear waiting for their next bit of munch!

Player Characters - Drop Bears

Player Characters // Drop Bears

Again, Drop Bears are dangerous creatures and you should never enter the Australian Bush alone. They have been known to jump from 8-metre heights across treetops and have been proven to be incredibly hostile. Sadly there are many people that dispute the animal - claiming it is a mere legend. That's exactly how wandering tourists find themselves in peril!

Think you have what it takes to escape the hunt of a drop bear? 

"The game is cooperative-driven, and although players can die by getting picked off by a devious terror teddy..."

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