The T’Au Fight Across Skies Of Fire In Aeronautica Imperialis

January 30, 2020 by brennon

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We're delving back into the world of Aeronautica Imperialis it seems soon as Games Workshop showed off more from the Nuremberg Toy Show. It looks like we're getting a new core set for the game, Skies Of Fire.

Skies Of Fire Layout - Games Workshop

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The new Skies Of Fire set sees the Imperial Navy of the Astra Militarum taking on the T'Au Empire Air Caste. These alien fighters are a little more deadly to deal with when compared to the Orks, laden down with some high tech gizmos! It contains everything you need to get playing with both a board, tokens, dice and of course the two squadrons.

Skies Of Fire Imperials - Games Workshop

I do like the look of the Astra Militarum fighters but I think the big draw of this particular set is going to certainly be the T'Au Empire Air Caste. We've seen Imperial elements before but this is the first time we're getting a good look at another xenos force for Aeronautica Imperialis!

Skies Of Fire Tau Air Caste - Games Workshop

Railguns, missile pods, burst cannons and more have been crammed onto these fighters so that they can do some serious damage. I think that these planes would be great to paint up, especially with some of the new contrast paints to make it all effortless. Maybe we can convince John to break these out when they release and do a tutorial on them?

Campaign Above Taros

As well as the new core set and the two squadrons you'll also be able to snap up the Taros Air War campaign book.

Taros Air War Campaign Book - Games Workshop

The book will do pretty much what you would expect. It will tell you all about the world of Taros, the different factions clashing in the air and of course the ways in which you can recreate them through a series of different scenarios.

From what I've heard of the Aeronautica Imperialis game it is actually pretty darn good. It seems like a lot of the specialist games that have been resurrected by Games Workshop are doing well. Focused more on campaigns, narrative and played out on a smaller scope I think they are what people need right now in the hobby world.

What do you make of the new set and campaign book?

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