The Chase Is On In New Skirmish Game Hunt Saboteur

May 16, 2019 by cassn

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Hunt Saboteur is a skirmish-level tabletop miniatures game which aims to recreate the intensity and strategic tactics used in stand-offs between traditional fox hunters and hunt saboteurs in the English countryside.


In the two-person game, players move around the table as opposing forces, trying to manipulate a pack of hounds who are in pursuit of a fox. The game takes around 45 minutes to play, and this first Kickstarter includes a PDF rulebook and three unpainted 28mm resin miniatures - a saboteur, a fox, and a hound, which could further be incorporated into other tabletop games.


This is Tally-Ho Games first Kickstarter, however, the designer is hoping to expand on future Kickstarters to include a hardcopy rule book, huntsmen, and a Huntsmaster.


This seems like a really interesting concept for a game - I feel like it could be a contentious topic for some people, however, in the end it is about the quality of the mechanics. So if you like the thrill of the chase, you can sniff out the full details of the campaign here.

Are any topics 'off-limit' for tabletop gaming? Tell us what you think!

"A contentious topic!"

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