The Nile Needs Powerful Merchants In Sobek: 2 Players!

February 17, 2022 by fcostin

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I have found lots of love in Pandasaurus Games titles over the last year. With Brew, Trek 12 and That Time You Killed Me; I find myself excited for more Pandasaurus titles upon their release.

Last night, Pandasaurus Games announced their upcoming title Sobek: 2 Players. As players take to the marketplace in an adventure of set collection and greedy merchants. In Sobek: 2 Players.

Sobek: 2 Players // Pandasaurus Games

If there are two things that you can deduce from the title, is that this game is pitched for a battling duo, and the Ancient Egyptian God, Sobek is keeping his beady eye on the board.

Both players will have the rule of the roost over the booming marketplace. As construction of a temple in honour of the great Sobek is being erected. Along the River Nile, there have been new fruition of visitors to support the uprising of the new landmark, which means market stalls galore! As players assume the role of eager merchants looking to bring in their next buck, they will hope to rake in Victory Points to buy, sell and collect the best goods in town.

Sobek 2 Players - Pandasaurus Games

Sobek 2 Players // Pandasaurus Games

This may seem very serene, however, players must be aware of the measures it may take to be the very best merchant. The God Sobek will be watching from the wings, as this marketplace has been arisen to support the temple. Players must be cautious to not be corrupt in their actions in their journey to success and greed. No matter how well the journey may be going, there is always a chance that the good ol crocodile God can tip the scales of fate seeing the opponent into first place.

Better make sure you assume the role of the good guy then! As they say, and as tempting as it may be - corruption comes at a cost.

The title will be headed straight to retail on May 25th this year, all ready to pre-order on the Pandasaurus Games website now for $29.95. However, if you did want to take a look at the rules before the release, be sure to check them out on the product page.

Think you have what it takes to stay an honest merchant in Sobek: 2 Players?

"Better make sure you assume the role of the good guy then! As they say, and as tempting as it may be - corruption comes at a cost..."

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