Three New Riot Quest Heroes Hit The Tabletop This Week

September 17, 2019 by brennon

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Privateer Press is expanding on the array of heroes you have access to in Riot Quest with three new options starting off with Black Bella, Duchess Of Dread.

Black Bella Duchess Of Dread - Privateer Press

"As merciless as she is beautiful as she is merciless as she is… You get the idea. The name Black Bella—aka the Duchess of Dread—strikes terror into the hearts of those who sail the high seas as well as those who hide from her on land. Woe betides he who gets between this pirate and her booty!"

She is joined by two other characters with the awesome Boomhowler, Solo Artist coming up second. I am a big fan of Trollbloods so it's neat to see more of them arriving in Riot Quest as they get looting.

Boomhowler Solo Artist - Privateer Press

"Once the leader of the infamous mercenary band, Boomholwer & Co., Greygore Boomhowler struck out as a solo act—no, like he actually struck out—until he found an instrument that truly spoke to him: a chain gun!"

You could imagine him unloading a flurry of bullets into his enemies. I would love to see him done as part of a diorama, gunning down hordes of enemies or sending them diving for cover.

We also have a little more stealthy individual with the inclusion of Gorman The Mad into the mix.

Gorman The Mad - Privateer Press

"A classic case of what happens when someone gets too into their work, Gorman the Mad hasn’t just taken things too far—he’s taken them beyond the point of getting them back. With his alchemical cannon full of corrosive ooze, no looter’s Riot Gear is safe when Gorman goes off the deep end in battle."

This third character is a little more subtle about his strikes. Cloaked and hatted with a deadly looking cannon in his possession you will be coated in ooze before you know it!

Have you played a game of Riot Quest yet?

"Have you played a game of Riot Quest yet?"

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