Seek Ancient Tree-Wisdom As A Druidic Order In Oak

March 3, 2022 by fcostin

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Fantasy board game lovers alike me and Ben, are you looking for your next venture into the woodland? Game Brewer are heading over to Gamefound next week putting players into the robes of druids in the quest for knowledge in Oak.

Oak // Coming Soon to Gamefound

1-4 players will become the head of their own Druidic Order, hoping to share in the wisdom of the sacred Oak Tree. Players must prove their devotion to the cause: venturing off to temples in flocks of Druid, discovering artefacts and even engaging with otherworldly creatures.

Players must pledge to the cause of the great tree. Starting small, and hoping to see a growth in their power - players must play strategy to ensure actions are not taken lightly and Druids are sent off into a purposeful mission with serious consideration.

Oak - Featured Image

Oak // Game Brewer

The world is full of exploration for the benefit of the Druid order as The Arch Oak contains progressive knowledge. Players are keen to know all of the secrets to push forward, into a natural balance of evolution.

Meeple Preview - Oak

Greater Druid // Oak

Whether that be supplying favours of whimsical creatures, or contacting higher power druids. The game pieces that have been released are adorable - looking at adding smaller items to your druids when controlling a greater sphere of influence. They will be expected to forage and craft potions, and by the end of the game - the player who has deemed the most worth to the almighty tree will be crowned the winner.

Game Brewer have ensured that March will be Magic Month over at the publisher, with Oak coming to Gamefound on the 14th March. And if you submit your interest on the campaign page. You can snag yourself 90 card protectors added to your pledge if you plan on backing.

I am looking forward to seeing more of Oak. There seems to be a lot of different avenues to explore, and who better to achieve the power of an ancient tree than a Druid? 

"The world is full of exploration for the benefit of the Druid order as The Arch Oak contains progressive knowledge..."

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