Unite & Rule A Fractured Humanity In Exodus Chronicles

March 21, 2019 by cassn

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Our struggle for power has led us to open war. In the midst of a raging conflict we were ambushed by a darkness that has descended upon us from the outer reaches of the star system. A race of powerful aliens manoeuvres to wipe the human taint of their ancestral lands. Yet, we stand divided.

Exodus Chronicles is the next offering in the Exodus series of games from Board & Dice. A classic 4X game, in Exodus Chronicles players must conquer new planets, master technological advancements, rise to power in politics and unite humanity caught in the heart of a conflict.

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Exodus Chronicles carries a high price tag ($99), but the game is absolutely packed with components and strategic diversity, ensuring that your domination of the galaxy will be unbridled!


Exodus Chronicles also contains a few really nice miniatures to compliment your gameplay and, if the rest of the Exodus series is any indication, the components will all be good quality.


So if you think you have what it takes to grasp control of a bickering and broken humanity, set your ship's course and head over to their Kickstarter now!

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"Your domination of the galaxy will be unbridled!"

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