Investigate The Unknown Darkness In AV Ghost: Paranormal Investigation

January 10, 2019 by cassn

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You are the head of a team of paranormal investigators. Now, your specialized team of ghost hunters has been tasked to cleanse the homes of several people whose lives have been adversely affected by unexplained forces. Examine the case, place equipment, investigate the house, and cleanse the site of spirits to win the game!


AV Ghost: Paranormal Investigation is a co-operative game with a companion app which contains six scenarios and over thirty hours of gameplay. The app is fully integrated with the board, and players use it to mark the locations of their equipment, which characters are in play, and investigate their results.


If their equipment has discovered a clue, the app will play a voice recording. This could be a character narrating, or a spooky noise. There are also numbered clues to be found on each site.


Once players have discovered all four audio clues, revealed all numbered clues, and resolved all paranormal events, the site will be cleansed and the scenario solved. However, gamers beware! The app has the ability to enact random paranormal events, and a few jumpscares are to be expected!


AV Ghost: Paranormal Investigation is designed to be a fully immersive board game, and that includes playing the game in the dark. When the investigation begins, the lights are turned off and flashlights attached to the base of the investigators are used in-game instead. There is also a range of coloured filters for the flashlights. Only specific colours can defeat certain spirits, and some clues are only visible under the right colour light!


AV Ghost: Paranormal Investigation is an interesting game. The miniatures are really cool - I particularly like detailing on the investigators. There's also a Kickstarter exclusive of Case: Grace for backers, which contains 3 campaigns that unveil a complete narrative arc.


Unsurprisingly, AV Ghost: Paranormal Investigation has already exceeded its Kickstarter target and is currently smashing its way through a series of spooky stretch goals. So if you're interested in stepping into the darkness, you can back the game here.

What do you think of these spooky miniatures?

"A fully immersive board game!"

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"Examine the case, place equipment, investigate the house, and cleanse the site of spirits to win the game!"

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