Unmatched Enters Digital Early Access In September!

August 8, 2022 by fcostin

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Have you been tempted to try your hands at Unmatched? With characters dropping into the arena, from the mighty soldier Achillies to the do-gooder outlaw Robin Hood. Pulling in fictional and nonfictional characters from myth, folklore and pop culture to take an unmatched battle of brutality against unlikely foes.

Unmatched: Digital Edition Teaser Trailer // Acram Digital

Acram Digital have announced that they will be bringing Unmatched to Steam this Autumn. Adapting Restoration Games' board game title Unmatched into a complete digital experience. Decked out with expansions, characters, maps and competitive play, testing a multiplayer experience next month.

If you are a keen Unmatched player and want to provide feedback for Acram Games' upcoming digital title, the game will be released as part of an Early Access on September 15th. Encouraging players to communicate their concerns and feedback before releasing the game to its full extent in December.

This stage will last 2-3 months, to ensure that Acram has received and considered all feedback, before completely adapting to a digital medium. You can have your say, and help mould the future of Unmatched Digital.

What would you like to see from a digital adaptation of Unmatched? 

"You can have your say, and help mould the future of Unmatched Digital..."

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