An Update & New Miniatures From The World Of Kingdom Death

July 12, 2014 by brennon

The rather insane mind behind the world of Kingdom Death has updated the Kickstarter page for the project with another run down of what people can expect and indeed when. The core game is off to print and the plastics are getting done as quickly as they can. See some of them below...

Rawhide Kit

As well as another plastic kit like this which gives you a few options for making Rawhide Armour versions of your survivors they have also been taking a look at some of the rather creepy enemies that make up this frightening nightmare world.


Lion Knight & Court

The Sunstalker is just plain weird as you might imagine with anything from Kingdom Death but the real winner here is that amazing Lion Knight and his Court. I love everything about the miniature from the base detail to the women around his feet and of course the man himself. That mane of hair and the armour are just astounding and it's all through plastic!

It's hard not to love the look of Kingdom Death and there are plenty more to look at over on the update page!

Are you still excited for Kingdom Death despite the time it's taking to get finished?

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