EXO: Mankind Reborn – What’s In The Box?

April 27, 2018 by brennon

Plast Craft continues their series of reveals for their upcoming game, EXO: Mankind Reborn.


Read Up On Exo: Mankind Reborn

Once more we bring you a new article about EXO: Mankind Reborn. This time, and as a final showing ahead of the launch of the campaign, we will show you everything you can find in the game.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here you are!

Content - EXO Mankind Reborn

...and here is a list of everything you get inside.

  • 29 highly detailed figures, including...
    • 4 heroes miniatures
    • 4 exoanimals miniatures
    • 21 enemy miniatures
  • 4 detailed player boards
  • 4 game tiles
  • 1 upgrade board
  • 6 custom wooden dice
  • 2 standard wooden dice
  • 132 cards:
    • 36 Exploration cards
    • 36 Treasure cards
    • 48 insect cards
    • 8 double-sided hero/exoanimal cards
    • 4 double-sided drone cards
  • 40 acrylic gems
  • 74 wooden cubes:
    • 20 Pink
    • 15 Grey
    • 15 Brown
    • 16 Black
    • 8 Red
  • 17 wood pawns
  • 184 Tokens:
    • 80 Upgrade tokens
    • 40 Larva tokens
    • 20 Production tiles
    • 10 Multipurpose tokens
    • 16 double-sided Exoenergy source tokens
    • 6 Die tokens
    • 6 Shelter tokens
    • 6 Hive tiles
    • 4 Drone tokens
  • Rules & Quest Book

To sum up,  that is more than 450 game components! These will be the components of the core box for EXO: Mankind Reborn, but during the campaign, there will be unlockable stretch goals that will improve the finish of the game. Keep track of the Kickstarter if you want to discover them!

New Studio Giraldez Paint Job!

We also had something impressive shared by Angel Giraldez as he painted up another duo from the game. Here we have Doctor Claire Smith & Mel The Medical Koala.

Claire_Mel_01 - EXO Mankind Reborn

Claire_Mel_04 - EXO Mankind Reborn

That is one sterling paint job and once again echoes the look of the artwork very well indeed. I really like the way that the character models are coming out, especially for board game miniatures.

Have you been following this game?

"We also had something impressive shared by Angel Giraldez as he painted up another duo from the game..."

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