Wolves, Sailors & Bruisers Come To Privateer’s Riot Quest

October 14, 2019 by brennon

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Privateer Press has released three new hero options for you to consider when picking your Riot Quest crew. We start with my favourite from the bunch, Wolf With No Name.

Wolf With No Name - Riot Quest

For a fistful of crowns, The Wolf with No Name will join your crew. He’s a beast of few words, but for a few crowns more, he’ll happily take on whatever your rivals throw at him—good, bad, or ugly!

Cue the western music and unleash this fella on the tabletop. I love the slinking look, taking that classic Clint Eastwood style design and mixing it up to fit into the world of Riot Quest. I think even if I didn't play Riot Quest I'd be tempted to pick him up, a nice option for those wanting to do something in the Weird Wild West.

Next up we're heading to the Bayou with a toothy option in the form of Captain Crawtooth.

Captain Crawtooth - Riot Quest

Captain Crawtooth is my friend. He could be your friend, too, if only you would understand that Gatormen have feelings, too. Captain Crawtooth: He has feelings, too! (More like hunger pangs and a taste for human flesh!)

He certainly looks like a properly mighty Gatorman. He has all the muscle to swing that hook around with great ease and I don't doubt he'll be yanking foes towards him across the board with it so they can come closer to his snapping jaws.

Last up we have someone who looks more akin to other characters from the Riot Quest world with Orsus The Chained.

Orsus The Chained - Riot Quest

The most infamous warcaster to ravage the Iron Kingdoms, Khador’s Orsus Zoktavir lost his mind when Lola, his beloved battle axe, was destroyed in battle. Unable to lead, Orsus was stripped of his station and for his remaining days was sentenced to serve as one of the Empire’s notorious doom reavers—penitent criminals chained to the arcane weapons that drive them into a berserker rage in battle. With his nation in shambles, Orsus now offers his formidable combat skills to fortune hunters while secretly on a quest to recover his long-lost Lola.

It's nice to see that they have taken on of the characters from the traditional Iron Kingdoms and moved him into the mix alongside some of the more quirky elements available to you in Riot Quest.

It will be fun to see just how he works in the game as that axe has reaped quite a few souls in its time!

What do you make of the three new releases for Riot Quest?

"Cue the western music and unleash this fella on the tabletop..."

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