Zealot Miniatures Twisted Catacombs Breathe New Life Into Old Dungeons

September 23, 2020 by avernos

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Those wonderful people over at Zealot Miniatures made an announcement yesterday that I have been dreading and hoping for in equal measure for some time now.

Twisting Catacombs Gang

Twisting Catacombs: Litchmyre Dungeon // Zealot Miniatures

That's right the Twisting Catacombs Gang from their Kickstarter is finally being released onto their webstore later to-day, I'm not sure about the time but I'll be randomly opening the link throughout the day.

If, like me, you missed the Kickstarter it was to furnish people with a range of miniatures for classic HeroQuest. You didn't have to use them for that obviously but they even went to the hassle of making flagstone bases to match the old board game pieces *joy* so why would you not? To accomplish the task they got one of the industries best sculpters the outstanding Boris Woloszyn (even in my head I mispronounced that) and he set about bringing his surreal twist to the genre defining group and as you can see above and below he got them not just right, but incredibly right.

Twisting Catacombs Litchmyre Dungeon

Like Angels dancing on my eyeballs // Zealot Miniatures

The models themselves are simply stunning, one pose per type of creature is probably not to everyone's taste, but if you were planning on updating your copy of HeroQuest with some gorgeous models then you're already used to it. They did unlock some optional weapons for the orcs and goblins to add a bit of variety but generally what you see is what you get.

Twisting Catacombs Wizard & Liche

Twisting Catacombs Wizard & Litche // Zealot Miniatures

The campaign they ran unlocked a wealth of miniatures beyond the core set featured here, covering Ogres, Elementals and Wicked Wizards, and a whole range beyond the frozen wastes. There's a lot coming out, I imagine we won't see their store flooded with it all to-day but I'm happy to be pleasantly surprised for once.

There were three materials offered in the Kickstarter; metal, standard resin and a premium resin. Currently on the website Zealot only offer miniatures in one material and that is probably what we'll see when this goes live later today so it won't be the cheapest set, but by god they'll certainly be the prettiest set of dungeon dwellers you'll come across.

If you've been building a 3D dungeon like some people I won't mention *coughs* @warzan *coughs* then Zealot can populate it and even have a vast range of furniture as well that is definitely worth a hunt around in, if you don't you'll never find this.

There's a prisoner in a dungeon I need you to rescue...

"it won't be the cheapest set, but by god they'll certainly be the prettiest set of dungeon dwellers you'll come across. "

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