Z-Man’s Lowlands Floods Out For Pre-Order

May 20, 2018 by dracs

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Z-Man announced that Lowlands, a new board game where you must tend your farm in the face of floods, is now up for pre-order.


You and your friends are farmers, trying to make a living on the wave-battered north coast. The land is good for farming, but a gathering storm threatens to wash it all away unless you can get a dike built in time.

Lowlands Set up

There is an interesting balance between selflessness and self-interest with this game. You can choose to focus your efforts on your own farm, expanding it and selling your sheep, or you can dig in and help build the dyke that will save you all from the flood water.

Tide Phase

Dike and Flood tracker

It's a game focus I really like as it asks you to make some difficult tactical decisions. Focusing on your farm will help you get ahead, but that won't do you much good when the tide washes away all of your sheep.

We have always said you can make a good board game out of anything, and Lowlands seems to embody that feeling. I will admit to a personal interest in this one. I grew up in the Norfolk fens, which historically saw a lot of flooding and were completely reshaped by efforts like these, so it is interesting to see those efforts transferred to the tabletop.

Is it a game you would like to try?

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