168th Combat Engineers Pave The Way For The Allies In Bolt Action

March 21, 2016 by stvitusdancern

Bolt Action is one of those games, were you can get as immersed in the WWII setting as you wish, whether you are a fan of paratroopers or tanks. Want to get a little more in depth? How about modeling your army to mirror an actual unit? Warlord Games has a new set out for the 168th Combat Engineers for the U.S. Army.

168th Combat Engineers

This unit is set in the winter (I hate snow) and just looking at them gives me the chills.



Within this set you get a nice variety of men and equipment and would be a terrific starter for anyone looking to get into Bolt Action and possibly going for something a little different than the typical units played.

Sniper Team

This set contains the following...

  • 1 x US Army HQ- Winter
  • 2 x US Army infantry squad - Winter
  • 1 x US Army MMG team Prone - Winter
  • 1 x US Army medium mortar - Winter
  • 1 x US Army Flamethrower & Light Mortar teams Winter
  • 1 x US Army Bazooka and Sniper teams Winter
  • 1 x US Army Forward Observer team Winter
  • 1 x US Army 57mm anti-tank gun M1 Winter
  • 1 x M3A1 half-track plastic
  • 1 x M8 Armoured Scout Car Plastic
  • 1 x Plastic M10 Wolverine Tank Destroyer

That my friends is one impressive list. Combat Engineers are one of those unsung heroes from the war. These men rushed out in front of other advancing units during combat to clear obstacles and landmines so the infantry could get past. These men were not only specialists in construction and demolitions, but were able to fight as infantry as well.


This is a well rounded force. You can read more about the 168th Combat Engineers here.

What is your force of choice?

"This unit is set in the winter (I hate snow) and just looking at them gives me the chills..."

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