Heavy Firepower & Hulking Walkers For Warlord’s Konflikt ’47

August 7, 2018 by brennon

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Warlord Games' Konflikt '47 is going to be getting some rather awesome new kit to play around with. The first of their pre-orders is sure to get plenty of tank lovers hot and heavy as it's a bloomin' King Tiger-X sporting a Heavy Rail Gun!

German King Tiger-X With Heavy Rail Gun #1 - Konflikt '47

As you can see this tank is bloody massive and the boffins within the German army had to work hard to design a turret that could hold the Heavy Rail Gun that this tank now sports. I would be very afraid if I was any other tank.

German King Tiger-X With Heavy Rail Gun #2 - Konflikt '47

The Tiger-X sports a hefty Damage Value of 11+ and comes armed with the Heavy Rail Gun as mentioned as well as an MMG mounted in the front of the tank's hull for getting rid of pesky infantry.

I probably wouldn't want to be one of the crew members that had to sit inside that tank next to those extremely hot power coils and generators though.

Walking Tanks

As well as this traditional tank there's also a big dose of Weird World War with the Heuschrecke & Locust Medium Panzermech.

Heuschrecke & Locust Medium Panzermech - Konflikt '47

This takes the phrase 'bristling with guns' to an entirely new level and features massive cannons attached to the front of the mech as well as rockets on the top. This was actually developed by the Germans to counter the quick Mudskipper mechs of the Americans although I think the design is decidedly bulkier.

Heuschrecke & Locust Medium Panzermech (Rear) - Konflikt '47

The added manoeuvrability of this mech allows it to navigate difficult terrain with ease and push towards enemy positions with ease. It is still going to be quite the bullet magnet I'm sure but it can also deal out a fair amount of retaliatory fire if required too.

Weird World War Romans

Stepping away from the massive superweapons of Konflikt '47 for a minute we also have the release of a new infantry squad for the Italians. Check out the Italian Legio Aquila Squad.

Italian Legio Aquila Squad - Konflikt '47

Styled after the Roman Legions of Ancient times these squads are armed to the teeth and go through rigorous training to become an effective fighting force. They are only hampered by their regularly low numbers but make up for this with experience and pure grit.

Wearing some of the best armour available to the Italians and sporting night vision equipment you will routinely find this squad pushing forwards towards objectives and using their superior skills to outwit the enemy.

What do you make of the new releases?

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