GCT Studios Drop Bushido’s New Releases For January

January 13, 2022 by brennon

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GCT Studios has dropped their new raft of 35mm releases for those diving into Bushido as a number of different factions this month. You can pick up a range of awesome, proud samurai warriors alongside some slightly more esoteric options.

Ito Koburai - Bushido

Koburai // Bushido

Many of the different factions get someone new to add to their roster. For example, the Ito Clan are getting themselves the brutal and dangerous swordsman, Koburai. You get the sense that he has just sliced his way through some deadly monster.

Sticking with the human releases for this month, we also have another option for Shiho.

Shiho Misaki - Bushido

Misaki // Bushido

Misaki here is a master of the bow and will no doubt be heroically standing atop clifftops raining down arrows on their foes. I do like the stance here, radiating power and command. You get the sense that they could quickly notch, draw and kill in an instant.

Next up, we go to one of my favourites from the collection with Kukibo.

Kukibo - Bushido

Kukibo // Bushido

I really like the Tengu that the folks at GCT Studios have slotted into their world. They offer up a slice of mythology and folklore that is a little different. I know I have historically had an issue with Kenku but I am starting to like the way these "birds with hands" look. I think it would be fun to paint up all the feathers!

Before we get to the darker side of things, we also have the loyal companion, Yuyokuma.

Yuyokuma - Bushido

Yuyokuma // Bushido

The Minimoto clan will be able to call on the sheer, brute power of Yuyokuma as they stomp around the battlefield. It is, handily, also a pretty easy miniature to paint. Slap some brown on this, then get to work with highlighting via the medium of drybrushing!

We then get a bit twisted with the release for the Cult Of Yurei. They get the gruesome-looking Shokuji & Gluttony.

Shokuji & Gluttony - Bushido

Shokuji & Gluttony // Bushido

This certainly continues the somewhat hellish and abominable quality of the Cult Of Yurie. I like that they have added some more twists here that step away from the idea of everything just being undead.

Last but not least, we have the Yami'mure from The Savage Wave, ready to birth strange magical eggs onto the battlefield.

Yami mure - Bushido

Yami'mure // Bushido

Lost one of your Bakemono? Well, don't worry. They will immediately vomit forth another of their kind that will hatch from these eggs, practically ready to fight.

There are loads of awesome releases for Bushido this month and you can check out all of them over on their webstore for the appropriate faction!

Are you going to be snapping these up for yourself?

"There are loads of awesome releases for Bushido this month..."

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