GCT Studios Look Ahead To New Wave Releases For Bushido

March 21, 2017 by brennon

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GCT Studios has recently been chatting about just what they have going forward for the world of Bushido. The waves of miniatures continue and we'll be taking a look at some of the treats just around the corner for you to sink your teeth into (in one case, somewhat literally).

Hakzabo web profile

First off we have this character, Hakzabo, who was designed by Grand Master winner James Hasker. It looks like we'll be getting another addition to the Tengu Descension which is great and features some rather agile rules for the tabletop including Acrobatics and the Unique Effect.

The Tengu are one of the newer factions for Bushido and they have a very nice style to them drawing on the mythological bird folk of Japan. It will be awesome to see the miniature come to life for this one and a nice way to celebrate a winner.

What's Next?

Following on from Hakzabo we also have some render work and art for upcoming miniatures including the the Araka Swordsman...

Sharkman Art

This fellow builds on what we saw for the Pirates of Jung a few months ago with a bit more of a lean warrior. If the artwork takes your fancy then you'll like the look of the render which is very close in design.

Arata Shark Swordsman (Render)

Also handy with a blade with have this Ninja that also popped up in both artwork...

Ninja Art

...and render form. Once again they've taken the artwork and tried to mirror it as close as they can. I like it when companies do that as the artwork is the thing that usually draws us right into a game and when the miniatures match that look it lends a sense of vindication to the model on the tabletop.

Ninja (Render)

The cartoon/manga look to her facial expressions has been dropped in favour of a more standard human design which is fine as it marries well with the rest of the range. The same is also true of the Araka actually now I think about it.

Even Further Ahead!

Looking beyond, even further, GCT Studios also showed off some artwork for characters that are further down the pipeline including the Princess here.

Princess Art

She looks fantastic, even with a few more bits and pieces to do when it comes to her artwork, and I love the really big bow. You can imagine her being an almost balletic, dancer-like archer as she takes down her enemies from afar. Similar in elegance and strength we also have The Last Samurai.

Last Samurai Art

Bringing together a sense of him being a true killer beneath that calm exterior the artwork once again hits the mark. It will be one hell of a pain to paint on those floral details across his outfit! Maybe we'll also see this Samurai in a different, more combat-ready stance too?

Finally, we have some sketch work for The Servant.

Servant Art

He doesn't look like a happy chappy having to lug around all of that equipment and I'd be interested to see what his use will be on the tabletop! You'd have quite the fun time painting up all the bits and pieces he's lugging around though, each of them probably telling a different story.

What do you make of what Bushido has to offer over the next few waves?

Let us know in the comments below!

"You can imagine her being an almost balletic, dancer-like archer as she takes down her enemies from afar..."

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