Minato Jung Drops Anchor in Bushido

July 3, 2016 by dracs

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With the pirates of the new Jung faction getting ready to sail into Bushido, GCT Studios have now unveiled one of the clan's leaders; the anchor-wielding Minato Jung.

Minato Jung

"Although trained in the ways of the Samurai, Minato was always destined to follow his own unique path. A brute of a man, more at home in a water house than the courts. His body tells the stories of countless battles, wearing each scar proudly as a mark of honour in his physical prowess.

That is not to say that he is all brawn, a cunning and clever leader, hiding from the Prefecture in plain sight. In battle he wields his trade mark anchor, launching it through the air making it appear as light as a Tengu feather. Those unlucky enough to be caught by his attentions sent sprawling, dazed and disorientated."

Minato Jung Stat Card

There's something marvelously cocky about this sculpt. But then when you're covered in enough scar tissue and muscle that wielding an anchor seems like the perfect choice in weaponry, I think you've got plenty to be cocky about.

Minato Jung, I think, captures the piratical character of the Jung faction. The design is very roguish, you could imagine him laughing as he wades into the middle of a good brawl.

Do you like Bushido's latest faction? Will you hire the services of Minato Jung to lead you to victory?

"You could imagine him laughing as he wades into the middle of a good brawl..."

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