The Void & Mighty New Characters Come To GCT’s Bushido

September 20, 2022 by brennon

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GCT Studios has been expanding their range of options for those diving into Bushido. If you’re interested in a game inspired by Japanese and Chinese mythology then certainly take a peek at their 35mm offerings.

The Void Themed Warband - Bushido SEPT

The Void Themed Warband // Bushido

Leading the way for this month is the new warband for The Void. This is one of their Themed Warbands that folks will probably be quite familiar with from previous releases. The Void are devoid of Ki (as you might have guessed by the name) and they are seeking to utterly destroy everything that the Temple Of Ro-Kan has made.

One of the key new mechanics for The Void is the use of Void Rifts. This allows you to teleport around the battlefield and strike where your enemies feel like they are safe and sound.

Joining The Void is also a separate miniature set for Master Shi.

Master Shi - Bushido

Master Shi // Bushido

This fellow is the deadly master of the Void Monks and is able to deal out some serious damage whilst also being able to block the Ki generation of other miniatures. He is going to be quite the pain to deal with.

It isn’t all doom and gloom in Bushido though as the mighty Hiroto, Drunken Master is also being added into the mix.

Hiroto - Bushido

Hiroto // Bushido

As one of the Ronin, Hiroto was raised on the Jwar Isles and is now ready to sow disorder on the tabletop. Who wouldn’t want to play as a deadly drunken master who is ready to utterly own everyone at the tabletop for messing up their tavern time?

Next up, we have Fuwa, Kaiden. Wronged in life, the spirit of Fuwa Kaiden is going to be sowing all sorts of discord.

Fuwa Kaidan - Bushido

Fuwa Kaidan // Bushido

She is all about disruption and playing with what your opponents can do during a game. She doesn’t have a lot of survivability so you’ll really need to think about how you play her to get the most out of her abilities.

If you’re interested in going full-on ninja then you can play around with deadly skills of Nagato.

Nagato - Bushido

Nagato // Bushido

Using the twin hook swords, this fellow is going to be absolutely deadly when he gets into the mess of combat. With the ability to split attacks and combo their abilities together for massive effect, you now have another finesse-style character to throw into the mix.

Last but not least we have the very reverential Kinzoku. He is a master smith and crafts armour for some of the mightiest ashigaru in the land.

Kinzoku - Bushido

Kinzoku // Bushido

He can make armour that can protect against even the most deadly of weapons. He can also Empower Ki and offer up unique courage effects that bolster your warband as a whole.

As always, a really fun set of miniatures from the folks at GCT Studios that show off just how impressive the world of Bushido is!

Are you going to be picking some of these up for the month of September?

"...a really fun set of miniatures from the folks at GCT Studios that show off just how impressive the world of Bushido is!"

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