Carnevale Kickstarter Live Now!

July 14, 2017 by brennon

The Carnevale Kickstarter from TTCombat has now gone live with their efforts to fund a Two-Player Starter Set and whole new faction boxes for the game too. Come and take a look!

Carnevale Two Player Starter Box

The breakdown of the kit that you see above gives you two different factions, The Guild & The Rashaar for you to play as well as all of the rules you need to play the game too.

Carnevale Models #1

Each of the models is made out of resin and represents a selection of the key characters you'll need to form the basis of your warbands in games of Carnevale. They also look superb and anyone who has been keeping up with the previews will know they've been putting a lot of work into the dynamism of the miniatures.

Carnevale Models #2

You will also get your hands on a whole bunch of scenery for you to play your games of Carnevale on and around too.

Carnevale Terrain

All of the terrain is made out of card and is easily assembled. Not only do you get the buildings which are going to be superb for leaping across but also the tiles which make up the canals and walkways of Venice. This saves you having to work out how to build a Venitian city-scape.

Pledge Options & Exclusives

While this shows you the basics of what you get, it all comes in what they recommend as this Noble Pledge Level that you can see below.

Recommended Noble Pledge Level

This not only gives you the basis of your factions but also a whole bunch of extra bits and pieces are thrown in too which includes some proper MDF terrain and additional extras for your factions as you expand your collection.

We'd also recommend looking at the basic £60 pledge as a nice entry point for someone unfamiliar with the world and then maybe look towards the larger pledges when you've found out more, OR if you're a Carnevale veteran looking to reignite their collection.

TTCombat has also designed The Mask Maker which is an exceptional miniature to have as their exclusive for this campaign.

The Mask Maker

We think that this might have already made Sam feel very giddy as he loves the world of Carnevale and with its return, we might see him bringing it back to the tabletop.

Additional Factions

As mentioned above you can also add on a whole bunch of factions into the mix and they break down into these core Starter Sets beginning with The Guild and The Rashaar.



But, I hear you cry, there's also plenty of other factions in Carnevale and they haven't been forgotten. For example, here we have the Doctors and the Patricians...


Patricians Faction

Even two of the newer factions have been shown off with new sets so you have the Vatican and the Strigoi to play games with too!



This doesn't begin to cover what's coming for the rest of the Carnevale world as each of these factions also has plenty of booster packs, optional extras and more for you to consider picking up too. This includes new characters and monsters. If you want to find out more you can check them out on the Kickstarter Page.

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