TTCombat’s Black Friday Goodies & A Carnevale Peek!

November 25, 2020 by brennon

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TTCombat has been showing off some of the new miniatures they are going to be introducing for this upcoming Black Friday period plus a sneaky peek at something new for the world of Carnevale too.

Black Friday - TTCombat

Black Friday // TTCombat

The first two previews from TTCombat are themed around the theme of lockdown and of course, the plague that currently engulfs our world. Above you can see Black Plague Friday who would be a fun miniature to throw into your games of Fantasy adventure. She has managed to avoid the worst of the plague, apparently, with the use of a mask and a handy bottle of hand sanitiser. An exceptionally putrid looking miniature.

For Cyber Monday we also have Cyber Meeting Monday. This fellow is dressed just about enough to make sure that he doesn't annoy his bosses when in a video call.

Cyber Monday - TTCombat

Cyber Monday // TTCombat

I think these are two great looking miniatures which continue a very British theme of laughing about our misfortune. If you're looking for something to remember the year 2020 then this might be a fun option to pick up from their webstore.

Both of these miniatures will be available for free when you spend £75 or more on their webstore. One of the two miniatures will be picked and packed into your order OR you can specify if you prefer one over the other.

You can buy each of the miniatures individually as well if you desire plus their rather excellent looking model, The Halfinator who has returned with a vengeance!

The Halfinator - TTCombat

The Halfinator // TTCombat

If you just can't get enough of the Halfling miniatures from TTCombat then this might be another fun option to pick up. Imagine this fellow popping up during one of your Pulpy skirmish games!?

Carnevale Preview - Two-Player Starter Set!

As well as the miniature goodness for this weekend we also got a peek ahead at a new Two-Player Starter Set for Carnevale called Escape From San Canciano.

Escape From San Canciano - Carnevale

Escape From San Canciano // Carnevale

This set will provide you with all that you need to get going in Carnevale with two players. They haven't revealed much more about the box at the moment but it will go up for pre-order from 4th December so make sure to keep an eye out for news soon!

Are you tempted to check out their offerings?

"...we also got a peek ahead at a new Two-Player Starter Set for Carnevale called Escape From San Canciano"

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