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Artel W Miniatures

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Unboxing: Black Foundation Bundle – Grimdark Sci-Fi Models | Artel W Miniatures

2 months ago 2

Gerry dives into five incredibly detailed grimdark Sci-Fi miniatures from Artel W Miniatures. These come as part of the Black Foundation Bundle and could be great for games like Warhammer 40,000 and OnePageRules Grimdark Future.

Unboxing: Halfling Sharpshooters | Artel W Miniatures

2 months ago 3

Gerry gets stuck into an unboxing of even more of the Brotherhood Of The Nine collection by Artel W Miniatures. This time, we're looking at the 28mm Halfling Sharpshooters that could be used for a range of your Sci-Fi miniature wargames. 

Unboxing: Brotherhood Of The Nine – Guardians Bundle | Artel W Miniatures


Dive into an Unboxing of the Brotherhood Of The Nine - Guardians Bundle from Artel W Miniatures. These would be a perfect Sci-Fi wargaming warband for 28mm games AND they're based on some beloved Middle-earth characters!

Artel W Unleash More Orktober Goodness For You To Snap Up!


Artel W Miniatures has been showing off some excellent Orcs that can be used to supplement your hordes as they rampage across the tabletop this Orktober. We start with the excellent Iron Rider known as the Iron Khan. 

Artel Send Their Fellowship Into The Grimdark Sci-Fi Future


Artel W Miniatures has added a fantastic new set of 28mm miniatures into the mix for those who love seeing Fantasy and Sci-Fi mash-ups. The Brotherhood Of The Nine has gathered together as a new Grimdark Fellowship!

Inquisitors & Painbringers Previewed By Artel W Miniatures


Artel W Miniatures has been continuing to tinker away on all sorts of neat Sci-Fi miniatures for use in your alternative grimdark adventures. We start with an as-yet-named Inquisitor who is looking to hunt down some heretics.

Enjoy The Tunes Of The Twisted Sisters From Artel Miniatures


Sticking with a grimdark theme today but moving to a different company, we got a new release from the folks at Artel W Miniatures. Here we have the loud and proud Twisted Sisters that would be a great option for those who love vignettes and such.

Artel Preview Abyssal Sisters & Stunning Exiles For 2022


Artel W Miniatures has been working away on some fun models for 2022. They always have something ticking along in the background and we start with a peek at their Sisterhood Of The Abyss!

Krumpin’ Good Orcs & Inquisitorial Previews From Artel!


Artel W Miniatures has been showing off some brand new miniatures that are on the way for your 28mm Sci-Fi orc armies. We start with a mad scientist!

HeroQuest Is Back! Nostalgia Returns In 2022 + Join The WWX Global Gunslinger League! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender Time! Nostalgia returns in 2022 as HeroQuest is back. PLUS, you can join the WWX Global Gunslinger League and dive into a new game with us.

Artel W Miniatures Bring Magnetic Heroes To Kickstarter


Artel W Miniatures are now live on Kickstarter with their campaign aiming to bring a set of customisable heroes to the tabletop for your roleplaying games. Magnetic Heroes seems like a great way to cover those classic Fantasy archetypes. 

Glorious Grot Revolutions & Flesh Husks Previewed By Artel


Artel W Miniatures have been showing off a selection of new miniatures that are going to be landing for Sci-Fi fans soon. We start with some more greenskins for this morning, clearly in the wake of Orktober. Here, we are supporting the glorious Grot Revolution. 

Unboxing: Heroes Of Cunning | Artel W Miniatures


We get stuck into another Unboxing of Artel W Miniatures' Magnetic Heroes collection. Check out this set of Heroes Of Cunning allowing you to make Bards, Rogues and Rangers.

Unboxing: Heroes Of Devotion | Artel W Miniatures


Gerry is back to take a look at more of the Magnetic Heroes that are coming to Kickstarter soon from the folks at Artel W Miniatures. This time we're unboxing the 28mm Heroes Of Devotion.

Unboxing: Heroes Of Magic | Artel W Miniatures


We're back to Unbox the stunning Magnetic Heroes from the folks at Artel W Miniatures. Here, we're looking at the Heroes Of Magic from their upcoming range. 

Unboxing: Heroes Of Might – Artel W Miniatures


Gerry get's his first look at the Heroes of Might, a new range of miniatures coming from the folks at Artel W, who make some of the finest miniatures on the market, the minis will allow you to build and magnetise your heroes so they are armed for any situation.

Community Spotlight: Stalkers, Rangers And The Creeping Undead!


Come and join us for another delve into the Projects to find the best of the best from the last week or so. We're going to be getting stuck into lots of great-looking miniature wargaming painting and hobbying this week...

Cult Of Games XLBS: How Many Bullet Holes Is Enough?


It's Sunday and we have a mellow morning as Free, John, and Gerry talk about the important things in life like "how many bullet holes is enough?" As they ramble through the morning hours why not kick back and go with the hobby flow.

Artel W Working On Towering New Sci-Fi Ork Warboss


Artel W Miniatures has picked up a pretty awesome looking piece from Mark Ranson that is going to be turned into a new 28mm Sci-Fi miniature very soon.

DUCK ME! 15mm Minis That Look 28mm; Your New Historical Army Awaits #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! We have a look at some epic 15mm minis that Lloyd swears look 28mm! This Indie team might just be what you need for your new Historical army! 

Come On Bring Da BoyZz With Artel W Miniatures New Orcs!


Artel W Miniatures has been working away on some special Sci-Fi miniatures for this month. They have stuck with the theme of Orcs and released an excellent set of miniatures for painters to get stuck into, the 28mm Orck-Band known as Da BoyZz!

Soulblight Gravelords; Best Age Of Sigmar Army Yet? + WIN 2 Conquest First Blood Sets #OTTWeekender


This week on the OTTWeekender! Are the new Soulblight Gravelords the best Age Of Sigmar army yet? PLUS, we give away 2 Conquest First Blood sets!

Artel W Miniatures Send Spectral Spinners Through The Webway


Artel W Miniatures have now released their set of 28mm resin Sci-Fi kits for those wanting some alternative miniatures for the grimdark future.

The Sci-Fi Dread Squad Takes Form From Artel W Miniatures


Artel W Miniatures are turning from working on Sci-Fi Orcs and instead turn their attention to terrifying Chaos foes instead.

Artel W Bundle Together A Grottastic Sci-Fi Goblin Package


Artel W Miniatures has put together a couple of Sci-Fi bundles for those diving into playing a greenskin army in the grimdark future.

Artel Miniatures Unleash Their Grimdark Spectral Spinners


Artel W Miniatures has been previewing off a few more options for those diving into your Sci-Fi grimdark universes.

Mount Up As Artel W Miniatures’ Iron Rider For Orctober


Artel W Miniatures has now released their impressive Iron Rider for you to add into the mix during the month of Orctober!

Unboxing: Hydrophilia – Nishimura | Artel


Today we're looking at the starter set for the Nishimura faction in Artel's Hydrophilia miniatures game.

Artel W’s New Releases Bring A Woman’s Touch To The Grim Dark Future


Artel W have some new releases for fans of science fiction wargaming that are ideal for people looking to add some alternative characters to their games of Warhammer 40,000, or if you just want to paint some beautiful miniatures that are brimming full of character.

Unboxing: Hydrophilia – The Government Starter Set | Artel


Today we are unboxing the Government Starter Faction for Cyberpunk miniatures wargame Hydrophilia by Artel W Miniatures.

Artel W Unleash A Trio Of Grimdark Heroes For The Tabletop


Artel W Miniatures continue in their practice of knocking it out of the park with a terrific trio of characters for your Sci-Fi games, although they're especially fitting for fans of 40K.

Artel W Show Off A Monstrous Orc Iron Nookah!


The awesome team at Artel W miniatures have just showcased the first of three new Nookah's for the Iron Horde Orcs.

Artel Miniatures Wow With New Fantasy RPG Characters


Artel W Miniatures has been working away on a new range of Fantasy characters which are themed to the classic options available for dungeon delvers in the likes of D&D.

Unboxing: Hydrophilia Shadow Warriors | Syndicate Starter Set

3 years ago 8

Gerry unboxes this awesome set of Cyberpunk wargaming miniatures for Artel W Miniatures' Hydrophilia. In this video, we're looking at the Syndicate Starter Set.

Artel W Miniatures Add More Nookhaz To Their Iron Horde


Artel W Miniatures have been showing off some of the work-in-progress renders for their upcoming Nookhaz who are going to be joining the Iron Horde soon.

Artel W Miniatures Tease Their New Fantasy Heroes


Artel W Miniatures has been showing off some of the concept art for their new Fantasy miniatures which are going to be dropping soon for roleplaying adventurers. We start off with their Fighter.

Hunt The Big Bad Wolf With Artel W’s Sci-Fi Red Riding Hood


Artel W Miniatures have released a new set of three miniatures (all available separately too) which take a fabled story of old into a Sci-Fi setting.

Artel “W” Sends In Government Reinforcements For Hydrophilia


If you've seen any of our Artel "W" unboxing you'll know just how good their resin miniatures are, and you'll also know that the majority of their miniatures are excellent for grim dark games in the far future. However what you may not know is that they have also been working on their own game set in a Cyberpunk 1980s. Hydrophilia

Artel W Miniatures Preview Some Wild & Cruel Sci-Fi Character


Artel W Miniatures has been taking a peek at more of the models that are coming soon to their Sci-Fi range.

Artel Show Off More Of Their Grimdark Imperial Characters


Artel W Miniatures have been showing off more of what they have been working on over the last few weeks.

Artel W Miniatures’ Iron Khan Rides For Da Waaaagh!


Artel W Miniatures has got to the stage where it is showing off a rather fancy looking new miniature for those who love greenskins.

The Crimson Legion Rise From Artel W Miniatures


Artel W Miniatures has been showing off some of the new models which will be popping up over the next few weeks and months for their Sci-Fi range.

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