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KLUKVA Miniatures

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KLUKVA Miniatures Show Off A Mighty Trio Of Dwarves


KLUKVA Miniatures has been showing off the work of sculptor, Alexander Kovalev, who has created a set of three awesome looking Dwarves that they will be adding to their collection in the near future. 

KLUKVA’s Monsters Dwell Down In The Darkest Dungeons


KLUKVA Miniatures is joining forces with GeeKUndead on some new models inspired by the rather awesome video game, Darkest Dungeon.

KLUKVA Miniatures Finish Off A Trio Of Sci-Fi Outlaws


KLUKVA Miniatures has finished off their trio of awesome Sci-Fi Outlaws which might be familiar to fans of Overwatch. 

Get Robbin’ With KLUKVA’s Two New Sci-Fi Miscreants


KLUKVA Miniatures has shared some more work for those looking to escort payloads, capture points and power up ultimates.

KLUKVA Head To War With Massive 75mm Figure


KLUKVA Miniatures are showing off the pretty final images of their massive 75mm figure for War from the Darksiders game. Check out this monster!

Weekender XLBS: Why Modern Warfare Kicks Ass & Have We Reached Peak Tabletop?


We chat about how awesome Modern Wargaming can be and discuss if we've maybe hit peak tabletop?

KLUKVA Get Into A Shootout With New Sci-Fi Cowboys


Klukva is soon going to be expanding their range with a couple of new characters based on a rather well-known first-person shooter.

KLUKVA’s Treasure Hunters Visit The Temple Of The Ruby Sphere


We knew that KLUKVA Miniatures were working on a set of new Treasure Hunters but we didn't think they'd craft this amazing diorama for them all to venture through!

Three Treasure Hunters Take Shape From KLUKVA Miniatures


KLUKVA Miniatures has been working away on three new Treasure Hunters, each you'll be very familiar with.

KLUKVA Unleash Dad Of Boi & Builds Their Team Of Heroes


KLUKVA Miniatures has now added a selection of pre-order options onto their webstore.

KLUKVA Take Command With An Infected Admiral & More WiP Projects


Available as part of their much larger range, KLUKVA Miniatures shown off their Infected Admiral from SculptCraft Studio.

KLUKVA Miniatures Receive Finished Lady Speedster


KLUKVA Miniatures has received their finalised Not-Tracer miniature from Piotr Kupper.

KLUKVA Adventure Through The Realms With Dad Of Boy


The KLUKVA team are hitting up another well-loved franchise this week as they shared the preview images for their Dad Of Boy model.

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