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Full Spectrum Dominance! This Unmissable Epic Wargame Just Gets Better & Better! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time! In this week's show, we dive into the awesomeness that is Full Spectrum Dominance with its creator, Jack of The Lazy Forger. We get stuck into their stunning 6mm-15mm Sci-Fi miniatures which have recently expanded to four full factions.

Delve Into The Mind Of John Blanche With New Book


If you've ever wanted to dive into the mind of the mighty John Blanche then you might want to snap up Blanche: The Rise of Grimdark which is now available for you to pre-order from Ral Partha Europe.

Craft 15mm Wooden Villages & Castles With Ral Partha Europe


Ral Partha Europe are on Kickstarter at the moment with a fairly small (and small-scale) project aiming to bring a range of wooden 15mm terrain to tabletops. Wooden Walls will be a useful set of terrain for games like Demonworld and beyond. 

Ral Partha Working On New Fantasy Dwarf Dungeoneers!


Ral Partha Europe are going to be working away on some new Fantasy Dwarf Dungeoneers on Kickstarter very soon. The miniatures have been previewed with ten of them making their way down into the darkness in search of treasure. 

Cult Of Games XLBS: Is Battletech Still Worth Playing in 2021? Let’s See What John Thinks!


Join us for Cult Of Games XLBS! This week we're diving into the rabbit hole that is Battletech and discussing the best way to sort out wonky swords.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Focusing On The Hobby & Bringing In The Big Guns


Brian Jenkins, known to most of you as Youtube's TemplarsCrusade01 joins us this week to talk hobby, double entendres and more!

Cult Of Games XLBS: Mysteries Revealed & Warmaster; So Small It Was Overlooked?


We debunk alien sightings, experience an almost topless Lloyd and wonder if Ben missed out on something special in Warmaster!

Ral Partha Europe Unleash Snitgob The Troll On Your Heroes


Ral Partha Europe has now unleashed their mighty metal monster by the name of Snitgob The Troll.

Ral Partha Tease Sneaky Ratmen Coming To Kickstarter


Ral Partha Europe has been showing off what's coming to Kickstarter in December.

Ral Partha Hunt Trolls & Chaos Dwarves On Kickstarter


Ral Partha Europe is on Kickstarter with a quick and cheerful Kickstarter which is looking to fund the return of a mighty Mountain Troll and some Chaos Dwarves. 

Ral Partha Europe Tease The Coming Of A Ratty Swarm In 2019


Ral Partha Europe took to social media over the last few days to show off a teaser of what's coming in 2019.

Community Spotlight: Epic Level Dragons, Women Warriors & A 3D HeroForge Adventure


An amazing dragon, some fierce warrior women and a journey into 3D printing this week!

Critical Mass Games Goes Big With New Kickstarter


Critical Mass Games has hit Kickstarter with a really big mech.

Critical Mass Games Upscale Their Ayame Battlesuits To 30mm!


Critical Mass Games are upscaling their Ayame Battlesuits to the heady heights of 30mm with a new Kickstarter campaign!

The Ultimate Guide To Salute 2013 Part 1!


Last weekend saw Salute 2013 happening in London's ExCel Centre and while we had loads of fun we also wanted to bring it to those of you who couldn't make it!

Salute 2011 – Critical Mass Games


Check out one of our Salute 2011 videos brought back from the archive, to get you all fired up about this year's event! Remember to check the Critical Mass website for more cool models due out this year.

Critical Mass Objective Satellite


New Objective for ARC Fleet from Critical Mass Games.

Gruntz Imperator Mecha Out Now from Critical Mass Games


If you're in the market for some superior 15mm hardware, then check out this monster mecha available now from Critical Mass Games.

New Praesentia Releases From Critical Mass


Critical Mass have some new releases for the Praesentia forces. Check out these troops and vehicles.

New Robotic Minis From Critical Mass


Critical Mass have a new robotic addition to their 15mm sci-fi range, the Praesentia Assault RAL.

Critical Mass Have Gone Critical


Critical Mass have some new 15mm robotic infantry in the works, ready to be sent marching across the battle fields of the future and with their release set for August that future may just be closer than you think.

Coming Soon… 15mm Kaamados Terrain


The guys at Critical Mass have been working tirelessly on some new 15mm scale additions to their Kaamados Dominion faction.

Critical Mass Release New 15mm Jet Bikes


If your in the mood for some 15mm Sci-Fi models than Critical Mass have just the thing for you with their new June releases.

Critical Mass – ARC Fleet Otilium Refinery


Darrell gets a look at some 15mm Sci-Fi terrain from Critical mass, but what about you guy's are there any games you know of that would fit these kits?

New Battlesuits from Critical Mass Games


Do you need some bigger hardware for your 15mm sci-fi games? Then look no further than the latest battlesuits from Critical Mass Games

A new set of 15mm Bunkers from Critical Mass


Following a great show at Salute 2011, Critical Mass Games have released their new set of Arc Fleet 15mm bunkers.

In the future… there is only 15mm!


As I indicated yesterday, I was going to feature another company who produce a line of 15mm Sci-Fi... so here it is... Critical Mass Games!

On The Table 27 Nov 2009


Warren may not be able to remember much thanks to a sudden attack of John, but he can still bring you the best of what's happening in the world of miniatures.

On The Table 25 Sept 2009


With seasonal deals from Wargames Foundry and the announcement of a new Tau battle suit from Forgeworld, you don't want to miss this week's On The Table

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